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  • bbtholder bbtholder Jun 23, 2004 10:48 AM Flag

    Re: wfc-bbt

    I don't think bbt sells now. I don't think they want to sell, and it is difficult to buy a bank that does not want to sell. Also, why would a stockholder want them to sell from a position of weakness (now) as opposed to a position of strength?

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    • Valid question, but somewhat self answering. Really boils down to relativity.

      Weak banks sell, strong banks do not or, if they do, they sell for a big premium. Your are advancing the latter approach. I suspect the former may be a bigger factor going forward. If they weaken further, and I have no idea if that will happen, selling now would be as "a stronger bank".



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      • WFC is a likely candidate to buy BB&T.

        I have seen some very good points on here as to why BB&T might sell.

        1. Lagging technology - we simply aren't willing to spend the money. It would be much smarter to merge or be acquired by someone with the technology that clients are requesting. That's just smart business.
        2. Good employees are leaving. Very true, it's hard to retain good employees. If all you give them is lip service and empty promises, any employee that is intelligent and hard working will leave.
        3. Stock price is up a bit, but that's not necessarily from solid management and business practices. I suggest many consider the psychology of stock market purchases and sells. Obviously all the buzz of a possible sell will increase trading from a pure psychological level.
        4. I haven't checked the latest numbers, but I do know clients have been asking us about the M&A buzz. This will affect sales and future growth. If clients perceive us as a possibility for M&A, we may lose revenue and growth until the news is substantiated/unsubstantiated.

        It will be interesting to see. But I hope everyone reading these boards will keep an open mind to all the indicators that may point us the answer, whatever it may be.


    • GOOD POINT!!


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