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  • jim56442 jim56442 Jun 26, 2004 5:21 PM Flag

    Is dividend payout percentage too high

    Has anyone realized or does anyone care that in the last five years the dividend is taking an ever larger precentage of the yearly earnings.

    In 1999 the dividend payout was 36.7% of the cash basis diluted earnings per share. According to Yahoo's estimated earnings the dividend payout will be approx. 48.5% of the 2004 estimated earnings. Each year since 1999 the dividend has taken an ever larger percentage of the cash basis diluted earnings per share.

    Isn't this a very high percentage compared to other banks? Is this another smoke and mirrors game by the top management?

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    • Wells, flattery will get ya nowhere, nor will negative thinking. C'mon you know you wish you were in my shoes. Eat yer heart out

    • hey still, self congratulation will not cure your chronic delusions of grandeur syndrome.
      perhaps you need some help from madam cleo.

    • dang fulbert I try not to ignore anything. I walk my post in a military manner keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing. dont miss much that way. that chatter yer just hearing has been going on for months. its called getting lean and mean

    • shoot wells I run 3:43 in training, try 2:57, that aint my neck bud thats the old lady in front

    • not so quick still, 26 is not good enough, you need an additional .2, dont pat yourself on the back, because someone is gaining on you, i am breathing hard on your neck, and i am a year older than you. how about 3.43 in boston this year, 128 career total.

      oh by the way bbt did hit the wall at 18, and the big old california bear is ready to devour it.

      happy trails to you

    • We need a buy out scare to shape things up,
      I now begin to hear chatter regarding task forces, headcount hard to get, major look at revamping a lot of things, also hearing fees
      going up for lots of things, ...hang on
      the market is forcing change. The board
      will not fold at 42, but your talking.

      Is your unhappy with Ciscomoron, put him on ignore, one great yahoo feature.

    • Wells our party is inclusive and as you can see two republicans can disagree and still know the right side in the big scheme of the good ole USA. What you call backstabbing is plain ole debate. Some debate gets out of hand but hey thats the history of this great country. I fought for his right to disagree as I did yours. I'd go again if they took old retired rich successful happy positive Marines who at 61 can still run 26 miles and stomp some young whippersnappers who think they can stomp me at mile one. Just remember guys the race doesnt start till 20 miles. The bank doesn't sell till 20 miles either.

    • it is very heartening too see two republicans backstabbing each other. as a rule this means we are near the bottom of a trading range in bbt. expect a rather dramatic move to the upside after fedspeak.

      oh still, if you just cant take any more, you can always utter a dick cheney expletive, in the best we are holier than thou gop tradtion

    • Mutant, with all due respect, anyone who buys stock based on posts in here is well, caveat emptor. Anyone who thinks posts in here are factual in general well I have a used Edsel and a bridge for sale. Its immaterial who starts something. What is factual is the bottom line. BBandT is still not for sale, nor will it be in the near furture. Its stock will rise again. Check those facts out next year at this time not the deadlines long past that failed to materialize.

    • Lordy lordy, someone help this guy! He apparently only knows a few states

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