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  • rwmgn rwmgn Jun 29, 2004 3:05 PM Flag


    You must have come from north of the Mason Dixon. I was in boot camp in 1943 with a bunch of them. They absolutly did not know when to shut up!

    I have no hard feelings in this matter. I think many on this board have spoken. They are tired of this crap and would appreciate it if post were directed toward BB&T problems.

    Now I am just as guilty as you. Only one thing, I do know when to shut up!

    That's all folks,


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    • Yeah, I was at Parris Island with a few, until a good ole southern boy from Tenn brought his left hand from the floor. Got real quiet after that. I dont think yank and I live N of that line. I wasnt born above it either. My family died on both sides in the war. I wasn't spit on. I won't stop speaking and I dont expect you will. Its funny how its alway the other guy who's the idiot. Its funny how some whine and others don't. Some make it and others don't. Some listen to ignorance others don't. I made it, retired young rich and happy by using my way, not waiting on msg boards to tell me how when why. When I got tired of my leaders I left, started my business my way. I didnt sit and whine to a screen. I hope you made it too and didnt have to tell others how to live. I choose not to down bbandt for many reasons, not opinions, especially those who consider their opinions humble. My ole pappy always told me if you live negative you die negative. Live positive, well u know the rest. I plan on getting more rich from bbandt. You?

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