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  • mutant_smiley_face mutant_smiley_face Jul 2, 2004 10:37 AM Flag

    JA's speech

    I would then challenge that Christianity is phoney-baloney?

    Last I checked, Jesus was Jewish. At the time, you know.. before Christianity... there were only a few religions and many pagans. Judaism, Hindi and Buddhism (relatively new at about 630 BC) mainly.

    As a matter of fact, you need to realize that the majority of "religions" start out very Cult like. It's only through wide spread acceptance that they become a religion. (I know this is hard for mot Christians to accept, oddly enough, since they accept most everything on blind faith.) *shrug*

    Furthermore, everything is propaganda. The garbage coming out of the white house about the war in Iraq... propaganda. Michael Moore's movie, Faranheiht 9/11... propaganda.

    Communication in and of itself is propaganda. People share ideas/opinions with others in attempt to get their point of view across.

    My ramblings here... my own personal propaganda. Your ramblings in your posts... your personal propoganda. Everyone else's ramblings in their posts... their personal propoganda.

    Humans have a need for control it is manifested on many levels and is different for everyone, but it is there.

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