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  • blues555 blues555 Jun 30, 2004 1:56 PM Flag

    JA's speech

    Yes, have heard the speech. Same exact speech he has given for 4-5 years except for slight updates such as FVB merger. Reiterates that BB&T is the best, and all will be well. Seems bored giving the same old speech. Asks for questions at the end. No one asks anything unless it is really safe fluff. Has vitrioic hatred for government regulators, doesn't discuss Henry leaving, Kelly being put in Henry's job, and new president coming in.

    Kind of waste eh?

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    • JA talks out his a$$

      Same old crap all the time just different day.

      Funny how nobody is allowed to ask any sticky questions at the end. Management makes sure you don't ask any questions they don't approve of.

    • The only question that someone had the nerve to ask was regarding the executive email policy (and the whole room gasped when he asked him). JA wasn't defensive about being placed on the "Dumbest Things on Wall Street" list...Merely said email had become too informal and is too easily taken out of context. Evidently, this is an 'informal' policy that he thinks all execs should adhere to.

      As sad as it is, I bought his explanation hook, line, and sinker...though I think it is ridiculous for the regional presidents and such to not be able to answer simple questions.

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