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  • gardenerrobert gardenerrobert Jul 6, 2004 2:00 AM Flag

    Happy 4th to the board

    "And let's remember the men and women of our armed forces who are courageously and sacrificially protecting our freedoms as well as freedoms of others." Fan

    Protecting our freedoms?We are inciting greater hatred by the rest of the world for this nation with our naked brute force aggression invading other countries to preserve our selfish way of life for our SUV gasoline consumption.If only Americans would wake up to the reason why 9/11 occurred.We have ethnically cleansed a nation since 1948,the Palestinians,and we are surprised when their fellow Arab brothers come back at us with aggression?Man we've been arming the Israelis with the world's best technological arms,and they have systematically for 55 years slaughtered Palestinian men,women,and children.Yet Israelis and Americans wonder why Palestinians are willing to blow themselves up to rebuff the aggressors?Wake up America,aggression breeds aggression,and we continue to invite more teerrorism to our own soil due to foolish terroristic foreign policy.The 9/11 terrorists were Saudi nationalists,yet we use that as an excuse to invade Afghanistan to build an oil pipeline thru their country for the world's oil cartel,and then Iraq to preserve the oil fields for our selfish way of life with our oil consumption.Blood for oil?Shame on US.Protecting freedoms.....what a joke.

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    • Did John Kerry and Ted Kennady write this piece of garbage for you.

      If you don't like the USA why don't you just pack up and get the @##@ out of here.


      • 1 Reply to rwmgn
      • While I don't agree with most of what Gardner said, I am glad he said it, and I respect him more than those who told him to shut up and get out.

        Ol' Socrates called himself a gadfly, and the demagogues and the stupid suckers who believed them voted to get rid of him. But in the swamp you learn it's the flies most of all who get you to move your lazy sorry butt and make make some progress. Out of the swamp too: without flies most of us would be keeping our lazy butts and minds in lawnchairs sipping sugar water and getting more fat and light-headed by the minute.

        I prefer the annoying flies to the petty tyrants, the little would-be but unenergetic Stalins, Hitlers, who like the previous two posters just wanna get rid of whatever doesn't please their fat and lazy heads. They are the ones who are unpatriotic and would run this country down into the mud with their puny flabby minds. You two: get down and do some pushups fer yer brains. Now!

    • Gardner,
      You can fight terroists who hate us over there or over here. If it comes over here, I hope your butt is on the front lines. You're only giving aid & comfort to US enemies. Hereafter, you're ignored!


    • Please..... you are running your mouth to here yourself talk. Leave FAN be. If you feel the US is so bad and "we" Americans are so evil and self serving, why don't you let your actions speak louder than words and ... hmm... ahh... hmm what's the word I'm looking for... oh yea... LEAVE.


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