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  • rwmgn rwmgn Jul 6, 2004 9:18 AM Flag

    Happy 4th to the board

    Did John Kerry and Ted Kennady write this piece of garbage for you.

    If you don't like the USA why don't you just pack up and get the @##@ out of here.


    • While I don't agree with most of what Gardner said, I am glad he said it, and I respect him more than those who told him to shut up and get out.

      Ol' Socrates called himself a gadfly, and the demagogues and the stupid suckers who believed them voted to get rid of him. But in the swamp you learn it's the flies most of all who get you to move your lazy sorry butt and make make some progress. Out of the swamp too: without flies most of us would be keeping our lazy butts and minds in lawnchairs sipping sugar water and getting more fat and light-headed by the minute.

      I prefer the annoying flies to the petty tyrants, the little would-be but unenergetic Stalins, Hitlers, who like the previous two posters just wanna get rid of whatever doesn't please their fat and lazy heads. They are the ones who are unpatriotic and would run this country down into the mud with their puny flabby minds. You two: get down and do some pushups fer yer brains. Now!

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