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  • rwmgn rwmgn Jul 7, 2004 3:27 PM Flag


    This board had a very good and clean operation (I know this will stir up some bad feelings, but check it out for yourself) until the FVB posters joined in on the board. That is when it became almost impossible to keep the posters on the subject of BB&T.

    I may be sorry I said that but it appears to be fact!


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    • You should always hold your opinion in high esteem until someone proves you wrong or you find out you are wrong. There are some very unhappy bbandt low level employees also. There are two things every living human has, one being an opinion and the other their butts. The only one retained when one expires is the butt. I will grant you that when a bank is put up for sale by its board and its CEO, a lot of folks think they are higher in value than others until the fan gets hit. Just because one is held in high esteem by the selling bank, doesn't guarantee they are by the buyers bank. The selling banks officials aren't above stretching the truth at that point because no bank sells if its in good shape now and positioned for the future. Apparently fvb wasn't? Having been some small part of near 15 acquisitions I can attest to all the above. In one rather large one the CEO's brought in a senior level manager to do the dirty work they didnt have the guts to handle, didnt tell him he was being used, led him to believe he would be in line for succession, then after he purchased a rather large home, he found out he was being used. So please don't make officials of fvb to be saints, nor any other leaders of any facility. It's bidness folks, its called the bottom line, some would call it the law of the jungle.

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      • Great post. As usual you are hitting the ball with the fat part of the bat. About the only thing that I can disagree with is saying that it is "just business". That phrase is a cop-out for the real reason which, as I see it, is greed and power. Hell, it's not about stock value because BB&T is still sitting in pretty much the same spot as it has for a while. Think JA has gotten the corporate double D's in a wringer and is struggling to get them out. Also, can anybody tell me how BB&T is saving current big bucks by RIFing her employees. They will indeed save a few bucks but not until severance benefits run out. Hopefully by that time the service has not deteriorated to the point where they have to say again "that's just business".

    • You are probably correct. Also, I'll bet that you weren't RIFing your longtime employees before FVB now were you? Bet that until 3-4 weeks ago that BBT stock had been about the same for 5 1/2 years. You have to expect negative comments from every angle when you do something such as buying a organization that, according to many posters, adds nothing to the BB&T profitability. Could I be wrong---even before FVB your stock was just sitting there.
      Well now, look at what you have accomplished----we are back on track now.

    • Look, Jack. I was and still am in my opinion FVB, BUT I am trying to stick to the subject of BBT as are a lot of others. Why do you say it is FVB people causing the issues????? It sounds like to me it is sour grapes on BBT's part which is unfortunate. The merger has come and gone. Lets get on with life, quit pointing fingers and get back to the true purpose of this message board. I am sick and tired of all the whining and blaming FVB for current situation of BBT. JA should have thought it through. He didn't, he got the approval of his stockholders and DID IT! FVB was not perfect, but SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
      Get a grip and get on with it

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