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  • letmefinanceit letmefinanceit Jul 23, 2004 7:11 AM Flag

    State Street

    I am a long time lurker on this board (4 + years) and have enjoyed many reading and opinions, but have now seen the complete deterioration of subject matter as of late. State Street is one of the larger institutional holders of BB&T and also THE largest institutional holder of it's own stock. What are thoughts and opinions on these two as a MOE or straight buyout by State Street?

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    • State Street is too big for a MOE with BB&T. Plus, I think State Street isn't into all of the lines of business that BB&T is into. Just a thought. I could be way off.

      I posed the question of RBC not too long ago. Of course, the only response I got was from Stillginyit who said the same thing he always says. Stillgin, you remind me of a broken record.

      Letme, it's nice to have someone out here that wants to discuss business, no matter how remote the chances that BB&T will get bought out are. All you get nowadays are cheerleaders. Personally, I like hearing all of the talk about MOE's and buyouts. It makes the board interesting to read. What if we had 10 posters who all said "BB&T is the greatest organization ever. I love John Allison. I have his picture on my bedstand and I kiss it every night." It would make for a pretty boring board.

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