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  • readum98 readum98 Sep 1, 2004 9:24 AM Flag

    Punch through $40!

    I think today we will get through $40 and stay there. My question is whether this is really much of a big deal since the stock has floundered for so long. I really feel like $40 is just recovered ground. $45 would be new territory.

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    • I'm not too sure that BB&T pays too much for other banks. I know that you said that they pay too much for "mergers" and perhaps that is true, but not for the bank itself. After all, only stock is involved in most "mergers" and that is paid for by lack of growth in the stock value and the divideds are spread out over more stockholders. The real expense for mergers is 1)paying the "bigs" at the bank being "merged" for their "golden parachute" and other side deals 2)doing an inefficient job of actually doing the consolidation. Did FVB stockholders get rich on the merger---hell no. So who did? How about BF's $3.6MM (although that may have been paid by a Trust set up by FV in the exact same amount about 5 years previous), 3 years pay (over $4MM) + stock options + + + +. And guess what, he is not the only one. So, perhaps the savings by not buying banks for a while and not paying all of those displaced officer's unrealistic dollar buy-outs will allow stockholders to catch up on the lost stock value over the past few years. Guess it is more complicated but that is how it looks to this old . bob

    • Still, haven't said and don't think I know it all. Hopefully, no one reading the posts on this board thinks any different than the above. There are some really smart people in this old world and believe me I know my limits.

      However, I do know what I consider to be a decent return on my investments and an approximate return of 2.5% annual return for the last five plus years is not what I would say is a good return. This is the return on BBT stock including dividends for the period since 12/31/1998.

      One must remember if they owned the stock on the above date, they could have sold it for over $40 and reinvested the money in anything. Some people seem to forget to look at their investments on a regular basis. I know hindsight is 20/20, but it still doesn't change the performance of the stock.

    • Jim, just remember one day when you think you know it all, you might run into someone who actually does! Not me of course, I'm way too old for company line, but ole Wilson ain't too bad.

    • Bob, where were you on 9/11, and when the bottom fell out of textiles, agriculture, and furniture?

    • bbt stock has had a bad run four the last 5 years,because management has been payiong too much for meargers and insurance companys. bob

    • onroute81,

      "I will tell you this courting 40 is a hell of a lot better than being married to 25 or less."

      I agree with the above.

      On the peer question whatever or whoever you use the posters who use the company line will find some way to disagree. This was done some months ago and they would not even agree with using the ones the company uses in their annual proxy.



    • Singletrack,

      You stated the following in your post
      "You are I must say consistent and someone with a lot of time on their hands."

      Wonder how I got so much time, could it be that I've made some smart investments and made enough money to retire extremely early? I'm sure that is a horrible thought for you.

      Maybe there are pearls of wisdom to be learned if one is smart enough to listen.

      I tell you what, you post your opinion and I'll post mine and I personally hope this board never gets to the point that all the posts are the company line. A good board should have both sides of an issue up for discussion.

      Yours for better investing.


    • Jim,

      Gotta tell you it is a question of apples to apples. One must not forget there was astock split in '98. Haven't checked the details but a split does have an impact upon the overall investment made. Of course one must consider many factors including at what point did you buy in (pre or post split).

      Now the real question comes from comparing the peer banks. How does BBT stack up in that perspective. So take the time to identify the peers and then give us the facts as to how BBT stacks up.

      I will tell you this courting 40 is a hell of a lot better than being married to 25 or less.

    • Jim --

      You are I must say consistent and someone with a lot of time on their hands.

      The stock goes down and you analyze based on some randomized date, then share your pearls of wisdom; the stock goes up and you analyze, then again share some more pearls... and then give us your cute "'s to better investing close...."

      This board can not help you, nor can it steer the stock to the level, that does not appear attainable, to satisfy you.

      The folks at the following address, I am sure will be pleased to be educated by your "...pearls..." They should be fluent in the CORESAT and COREDISSAT methodology and will undoubtedly handle your "...pearls..." better than I am right.

      Geez, get it a rest.


    • Tired,

      Didn't mean to get your dander up, but the comparisons have all been posted earlier on both sides of this issue.

      The original post I replied too stated that the stockholders were as well off as if the bank had been sold at $32 because the stock was now $40. This was just that poster's opinion posted as the truth.

      The point was and is still the fact that there would have been no return for the last 14 months or so other than dividends if the above were the case as it has been at least that long since the stock had sold at $32.

      The other point is that the stock is still below the price of 5 2/3 years ago and that is not a good return on investment in my opinion.

      If everyone will quit posting all the praise for the company that it is such a great investment and has done so well or show that it hasn't been for the last few years, I'd be more than happy to not post the true facts which are that this stock has not had much of a return for the last 5 2/3 years unless one is happy with a 2.5% or so return. It was a great stock with a good return years ago, but not in the last few years.

      Even BBT's annual proxy dated March 24, 2004 reports that BBT underperformed their own chosen peer group for the five year period in the annual proxy. In other words they did not perform as well as even the average of the peer group. That is a fact.

      For better investing,


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