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  • theoldbankeroflongago theoldbankeroflongago Nov 6, 2004 8:07 PM Flag

    Another benefit eliminated

    I do not believe health care costs are directly caused by either of the political parties. If you go back about 40 years, I believe you will find much of the rise is HC was caused by doctors and insurance companies. Doctors charged what the insurance companies would pay. Insurance companies didn't complain about charges because all they had to do was raise premiums a small percentage to retain their margin of profit. This practice continued unabated until HC cost became rediculous and limits were put on what they would pay doctors. My first experience with doctors and insurance was with the birth of our first baby. My doctor charged $100 for a normal delivery or what ever the insurance paid. My insurance paid $500+ for a normal delivery. The good doctor charged $500+ and no complaints from the ins. co. This was normal procedure for many years with the medical profession and the insurance companies. This was collusion, unwritten or unspoken, between the medical profession and the ins co. This is what I believe caused HC to sky rocket.

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