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  • JimTarHeel JimTarHeel Nov 6, 2004 9:28 PM Flag

    Another benefit eliminated

    I never expected my employer to pay for my other forms of insurance; I pay for my homeowners' insurance, I pay for my automobile liability and collision insurance, I pay for my personal liability insurance. Because I pay the full cost of my insurance, I shop around and find the best deal. It's my responsibility. I would contend that people who have employers willing to pay the full cost of employees' healthcare, we will have employees who are shirking their responsibility. Finally, I contend that as long as 'insurance is paying for it,' both the patient and provider will run unnecessary tests to help the doctor or hospital recoup the cost of expensive testing equipment. And when 'insurance pays it,' everybody's health care costs go up. Finally, people expecting employers to pay for their healthcare insurance should remember that computers, robots and other laborsaving technology don't ask for healthcare coverage. I'm positive that many businesses search for ways to keep headcounts as low as possible partly because of the expectation on the part of many workers that the job should include healthcare insurance. America is suffering the effects of obesity, lack of physical activity and other unhealthy acitivities such as smoking and excess drinking. Go take a hike - and take responsibility for your own healthcare. Respectfully submitted.

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