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  • wstr75 wstr75 Nov 9, 2004 12:16 PM Flag

    Another benefit eliminated

    This whole issue of employer sponsored health care insurance has become extremely problematic for individuals, corporations and politicians. With everyone over 65 getting socialized medicine and a high percentage of folks at the lower end of the economic bell-curve getting some form of haphazard coverage via health dept, social services, etc., it seems likely that the politicos are headed for the day that they take the subject off the table by introducing steps towards a national health insurance system. I was never for this type of system. However, with employer health insurance costs going through the roof, conversations such as those on this board are becoming commonplace, I am now in favor of a nationalized health care system (providing it has a route for out-of-pocket private care for those who want to pay.).

    My bet is on a gradual introduction of nationalized medicine over the next ten years. The Medicare Act of 2003 (?) was a big step in that direction, IMHO.

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