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  • wilsonbbt1872 wilsonbbt1872 Nov 10, 2004 6:49 AM Flag

    charleyt: Were you laid off or let go?

    Are you taking responsibility for your actions?

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    • wilsonbbt1872 asked: "Are you taking responsibility for your actions?"

      Absolutely! I should have made myself clearer when I posted last night. My co-workers and I were laid off when the bank decided that mortgage loans could be better processed in another city. (never mind that another person and myself were consistantly at the top of the list for loans processed each month) It appears that the decision to close my dept. was made based on logistics alone, not where the best job was being done. I know I'll never confirm whether I'm right or not and at this point that's OK. But as to your question as to whether I'm taking responsibility for my actions, you betcha! And I have the reports and evaluations to back me up.

      When The Lord closes a door, He opens another window. Such has been the case with my dept. as we have all found other employment. Some within the bank, some not. But all of us have landed on our feet. I can only hope that we all find ourselves working for someone with the same integrity and class as our former boss. Sadly, people like him don't come along often.

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      • My apologies. If you had not generalized your leaving as "it happened to us," and "we will just know better than to believe everything the company tells us," then I certainly would not have responded to your post. I am quick to question anyone who, without sufficient evidence, characterizes BB&T as the bad guy.

        Fact is I'm pleased to hear you found a new job and that you had such high regard for your supervisor. Are you still with BB&T or have you found employment elsewhere? What role, if any, did BB&T help in your job search? Again, my apologies. And best of luck in your new position.

    • Wilson,

      That message was low even for you. Just when you think someone has sunk as low as they can, you do something this low.

      I hope that there is a higher being and that he has mercy on people who do such things.

      By the way the disclaimer is on the last page which is 37 of Health Care Plan Booklet and is indeed in fine print.

      I'll not be posting to your messages in the future as they say it "it takes an idiot to argue with one"


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