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  • jim56442 jim56442 Jan 14, 2005 12:26 PM Flag

    Flat Earnings for 3 years

    This is the third year of basically flat earnings. This is the third year that earnings are within a dime of each other.

    How long does the Board of Directors give management to correct these problems? If current management cannot correct the problem in 3 years, isn't it time for replacements.

    Where are all the posters that are so high on this stock. Guess they will give the same spin as the company that the earnings are so much better for the quarter than last year. However, when all is said they were a penny below avearage analyst estimates.

    My opinion is that the company should be embarrassed to post a press release stating that earnings are so much higher.

    Wonder if the company is in the market today and buying shares as the volume is very high for this time of day.

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    • Fan, shouldn't we wait till right before options time to buy

    • Right you are; and surprise, surprise, they'll probably be based on year-end results based on achievement of corporate and managed unit goals set for 2004. Sounds like what the b-schools advocate and the way my 40 year business career worked.


    • Bonus time is nigh also.........

    • The statement that the stock always rises the month of the option grant is not exactly true. I guess it does rise, but if you check the beginning and ending prices for the month it does not always end at a higher price.

      In fact from the figures on line for the last six years it appears to be a 50/50 ending. Two of those years in which they had an increase for the month were pretty sorry. One was a 5 cent increase and another was a 12 cent increase.

    • Actually, what I always hated was that they had the analyst conference right before the option grant. The price would always rise the month of the grant. Wait a minute, maybe that was a signal that you should have bought?? Huh.

    • Maybe you or one of the posters that are always upholding the company would like to post the years that the options are lower than the previous year's ending price.

      Believe you and the posters will find that in most of the last few years the options were granted at prices lower than the end year closing price.

      Don't tell me to do my own research as I have and the above is the truth over the last several years. So much for the quoted "January effect".

      More truth and less garbage would help all of us on this board.

    • Hehehe, I like that!

    • Historically, there are many years when as a result of the "January effect" the price on options grant date is higher than prior year end. Some years it's lower. Yes, corporate employees are evaluated on fiscal year results. We retirees get to evaluate ourselves and internet posters. Not hard to tell who flunks. IMHO


    • archldr,

      Great post and a very good point which is correct. Do you think the company has anything to do with helping the price be below the year end price?

      Interesting that JA and company are paid on year end results, but the options are priced on a day ending price in February.

      "And near the end of February the new stock option grants will go out. There will be a lot of employees interested in having the price as low as possible then."



    • And near the end of February the new stock option grants will go out. There will be a lot of employees interested in having the price as low as possible then.

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