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  • kmatt315 kmatt315 Feb 1, 2005 10:14 PM Flag

    Jim and Fan please go away

    I can't take anymore of the cat fighting. Please stop or go somewhere else. This board sucked before, but its really bad now. BB&T is still on the decline. Get on with it.

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    • Jim, it is not my turn to watch other people, nor worry about their posts. Jim I dont worry about other shareholders, percentages, or those who can read, or those who do read and not understand. You can and could be a lot of things, but your words have meaning, thus I dont have to wonder. I will therefore read your future posts and see if you stay the course youve plotted. You havent lived up to your past ones. I worry about my own shares, buy when low sell when high enjoy the dividends and the rewards that brings. An old friend of mine when I call him and inquire what ya been doing, always sez, oh just minding my own bizness. It works for me. If you cant beat the system you have no business in it, if you find a way around it, you do. When you focus you win.

    • Jim, why don't I do it for you?
      Thats why you are in the shape yer in today. Do it your self, I gave you the lead, now sell it.

    • kmatt,

      I appreciate your post and you will please note that I have not posted in a couple of days in respect for your post and the recommendations it has.

      I was hopeful that the situation would revolve itself and the board would get a little more civil and not so personal after your post.I think if you will check my previous posts you'll find that in almost every case the other side was the first to get personal and to throw stones.

      However, it appears that a few of the people who post on this board just absolutely have to get the last word or cut in.

      Just wanted to let you know that I will not be like so many others who have posted on this board and if they disagreed that the company was perfect were torn into and finally run off the board. If you doubt this fact please check the previous posters names and most all who disagreed with a few of the posters are no longer posting.

      Now one of them big company supporters has said he is gone and put in a last cut and a new one is posting today. It could very well be the same poster just using different names.

      Just wanted to let you know where I stand. I will not leave and they cannot run me off.

      Hope your day goes well,


    • I completely agree; I'm going on a trip. I should have known the prior discussion is like peeing out the window..the only result is a rusted screen. Sometimes the misinformation gets so bad, the facts need some sunshine, but most folks are smart enough to figure it out for themselves. My apologies to the board for wasting your time on a fruitless venture. BTW, the dividend check came today! Happy days are here again for three months.


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