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  • stillginyit stillginyit Feb 3, 2005 12:33 PM Flag

    Jim and Fan please go away

    Ah Jim, the ole conspiracy theory!

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    • Still,

      If the truth hurts, just ignore it. However, it won't go away.

      Where are the other people who have posted remarks that made the company appear badly?
      They have all been attacked and are no longer posting haven't they?


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      • Jim, forgive me if I've made you feel you are being attacked. Au contraire. A debate is just that, a chat. I really don't take much in here as serious, much less any more than opinion.
        Attacks to me are just an indication that one is incapable of real debate, or in fact ignorant of the real world. Words on a screen are just words. If you feel attacked, then it is your perception, or insecurity. I prefer to use my head in financial matters, not opinions of youngsters, or the uninformed. Without much of an education, I relied on common sense, and the word of the informed. After awhile some of that informed rubbed off. So after all these years, I know the difference between making money, "the bottom line," and one who worries about petty, irrelevant nonsense, such as winning a war of words. Altho I do not personnally know Fan and Wilson, and a few others, I do know success when I see it. I also know that both worked and are working toward more success. I have yet to hear either whine. I can see though, that despite the system they found a way to work around it. I believe it was lex, or something similar to that nick who posted here recently quite eloquently the same thing. Lex is not only eloquent, but well versed in common sense. I really regret your unhappiness and depression, but it is your row to hoe. Read that book Jim.

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