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  • wilsonbbt1872 wilsonbbt1872 Apr 27, 2005 9:05 PM Flag

    All I have to say...

    DC: You must have gotten a different option package than I did in 2001. My option price was $36.59. With the stock closing above $39 today, I wouldn't call that worthless. And if you were really in a hurt for some funds a few months ago, you could have cash in when the price was around $43.

    By the way, do you remember the year before. Options were granted at $23.9375. And in 2003, the price was $32.66. Now, tell me again how worthless your options have been the past several years? Do I wish our shares were trading higher. Absolutely. But, DC, get a hold of yourself. You're turning into another poster I know who supports his arguments with incorrect data and information without context.

    You mentioned Fan and Stil. They could probably care less about your options anyway. Their bread and butter is the dividend, which incidentally, has a 10-year compound annual growth rate of 13.7% compared to 3.9% for the S&P 500. I'd say they're enjoying retirement and their BBQ just fine.

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    • Wilson,

      So while the shareholders value on a share of stock was losing value you were receiving options at the lower price.

      You posted that 2001 options were at $36.59 and 2003 options were at $32.66. A shareholder during this time frame had shares that decreased in value of $3.93 a share over the two years.

      The company's reward for the above performance to the shareholders (owners of the company) was to issure options at the $32.66 price to you. These options are to buy a share of stock at $32.66 and good for a ten year period.

      That's real loyalty and working for the good of the shareholders (owners) of the company.

      Not sure if this should be something that one would brag about or not. What did you do for the shareholders to deserve this windfall?


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      • Jim, you can't be that ignorant. Thousands of BB&T employees every year qualify for options in late February - at a price the stock is trading on the day options are awarded. It's called incentive and hundreds of companies across America do this for their employees. That includes your new found supporter, Mr. dc, who like the rest of us better be busting his or her tail for the priviledge to earn this incentive.

        Jim, I knew if you hung around this board long enough, you'd find yourself a partner who has the same penchant for supporting arguments with inaccurate and misleading information. You guys are like Laurel and Hardy. You whine about how low the stock is and dc whines about how high his option is. Who's on first??

      • Jim-

        Thanks for the support.

        Between Wilson, Stil and Fan, they would rather haggle over the intimate details of a post versus focusing on the overriding message.

        You raise a very good point, and one that needed to be made.

        I'm sure both Stil and Fan know about the Senior VP who resigned today from the DC region? He wasn't a big loss though. KK flew up to try and save him, but had no luck.


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