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  • fishingbanker2000 fishingbanker2000 Jul 28, 2004 9:02 AM Flag

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    We do quantify every thing we can and give feedback to employees. Every employee knows where they stand, relative to their goals and
    each other.
    Defining a top producer would depend on what
    you are using and whom you are comparing this
    employee to. If they are the best in their unit are they a top producer? Or do they need to be the best in the whole bank? We had two in our area that were consistently the best in the bank. Both are not here anymore, sad
    but true.

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    • Top producers as BBT sees them are not the hard working individuals who bring in millions of dollars of accounts but is defined by who can kiss butt and sniff MR. Allisons Farts.. I have seen this time and time again. BBT will gladly let go a top producer in accounts rather than fire a brown nose blowhard..

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      • Grinding an axe here cisco, perhaps a close personal axe, one who thought they chopped more trees than another only to find larger trees in the next cubicle? Too much sugar in the koolaid, that always makes one sleepy.

      • Have to disagree on your definition of top
        producers, #'s don't lie, either you cut the mustard, (not cheese) or you don't. And yes
        there can be lots of reasons why someone may not be able to reach their goals, lofty as they may be, but the fact(s) remain. Goals are put forth in April which is not really fair but everyone is on a level playing field regarding that.
        The producers that are displaced for whatever reason, ie centralization, discontinuation of a certain type of unit function, etc. always tend to land on their feet, but not necessarily in the same locale.

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