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  • kmatt315 kmatt315 Aug 8, 2005 12:12 AM Flag

    Stil, please please die

    Stil, we know you are the greatest
    We know you have been around since Edison
    We know you are absolutely filthy rich
    we know you've been around the block 1000 times and most likely poured the concrete for the block.

    My point is you suck. Please die.

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    • OH, I see.

      So "recent" means within the past 12 months?

      Ok, then why don't I do 3 year comparisons:

      3-Year % Return

      Wachovia 14.09%
      B of A 11.42%
      M&T 10.50%
      Wells 8.67%
      STI 6.45%
      BBT 5.10%

    • Wrong again little doggie. I guess you really don't follow the industry much. STI and SOV also made recent acqusitions. I see you, like the other bitter posters, have an ax to grind too.

    • "A few of those banks have made recent acquistions so the numbers are inflated and look better."


      Hmmmm. Lets see. PNC bought Riggs. And.... Oh wait, that's it.

      Do your own reasearch, and read posts before you fart again.

    • It's called a pun...idiot!

    • Come out of the closet you homo BB&T lovers!

    • A few of those banks have made recent acqusitions so the numbers are inflated and look better than the other banks in your comparison. By most performance metrics, BBT performs much better than most peers. Do your own research and you'll see that.

    • And yet another....

      Year over Year Quarterly Revenue Growth (%)

      STI 31.70%
      SOV 27.70%
      PNC 9.40%
      WFC 6.10%
      MTB 5.90%
      BBT 4.70%

      Last again. Smart money is on Allison and Company to grow shareholder value.


    • Let me help you get started Fan:

      Year over Year Quarterly Earnings Growth (%)

      SOV 39.70%
      STI 36.10%
      WFC 11.40%
      PNC 7.90%
      MTB 6.80%
      BBT (3.30%)

      I'll keep looking.

    • WOW! This is amazing. Lets see...

      Ranked number 298 on the 2004 Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations.
      **** Who cares

      Recognized for the fifth time as the number one "small business-friendly" financial holding company in the country by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
      **** Keep being friendly, and others will keep being more profitable

      Recognized five times as one of America's 'Best Big Companies" by the Forbes Platinum 400 List.
      **** And this means what?

      Ranked in the top six percent in quality of employee training programs by Training magazine in 2004.
      **** Great. Shareholders must love this one

      Ranked as one of its top six income stocks in 2003 by SmartMoney magazine.
      **** 2003? A mere 7 quarters ago. 7 of which have been below their peer group

      Ranked second among banks and 29th overall in "Corporate America's Best Employee Benefits" in Money magazine's 2003 annual survey of Fortune 300 companies.
      **** Awesome!!! Watch that EPS grow!!

      Ranked by BB&T clients in a 2003 Forrester Research nationwide survey as being number one above all other commercial banks, investment firms, and credit unions for offering products and services that are best for the customer rather than its own bottom line.
      **** Who gives a shit about the bottom line! Right?

      Named 2004 Dividend Achiever by Mergent, a New York City-based provider of global financial information, a distinction earned by less than 2.1 percent of all publicly traded companies.
      **** What can I say. Awesome!

      Presented with an Inaugural Award of Excellence for Program of the Year by the Bank Securities Association in recognition of BB&T Investment Services, Inc.
      **** Along with the other 9 banks they recognized

      Keep looking. In fact, I'll await the next list of achievements. This time, please focus on EPS, price appreciation, ROE, ROA, Efficiency ratio, earnings hits and misses, etc.

      Oh, and by the way, stop trying to cover for your boy Stil. I asked him to answer my question. Not you.

      You guys crack me up.

    • The BBT 10Q must be the only one you have ever read. That's called CYA boilerplate and you will find it in every company's filings.

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