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  • formerfvbemployee formerfvbemployee Oct 21, 2005 9:00 PM Flag


    I wouldn't be surprised. I guess those 'bible toting christian bankers' couldn't resist a good profit after all.

    Makes my stomach hurt to think about the 'prayer/business meetings' we heard about were actually a joke on us.

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    • finally sounds like people are starting to get it!!! I like the past 5 posts. Very accurate.

      I wouldn't give two craps about this bank and board if it wasn't for the kool aid drinkers that still exist.

      The rest of us need to make sure that fan and stil's propoganda isn't believed by the masses.

      This bank fell apart after FVB. They are bible toting, inbreds, with an industry that has simply passed them by.

      Time to sell and get some value for shareholders for the first time in 6 years.

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      • I guess what I can't figure out is why BB&T actually has stockholders (although I have a few shares)? Does JA think that stockholders are happy with the stagnant nature of their stock? Dividend is o.k. but not great. Fact is that a person could receive a better return on local short term bonds and without the tax consequence.
        So far as the way BB&T treats employees of their "conquests", I just bet that somebody has a video copy of the speech JA gave at FVB headquarters when the merger was announced. I think it would be interesting to view the video now and compare JA's statements to the actual events of the past 3 years. I'll just bet someone has a copy.

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