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  • jim56442 jim56442 Dec 30, 2005 8:19 PM Flag

    Great Stock, Great performance????????

    Well, it has now been 7 years.

    Stock price 12/31/1998 $40.31 a share
    Stock price 12/31/2004 $42.05 a share
    Stock price 12/31/2005 $41.91 a share

    Gain of $1.60 a share for the last seven years and a lost of 14 cents a share the last year.

    Yes, that is correct the shareholders have averaged 23cents a share for the last 7 years plus dividends. The current dividends are much higher than in previous years.

    Guess, the Board of Directors will give JA and company their usual nice raises, bonuses and stock options. The BOD should be ashamed to state that any part of their pay package is performance based.

    Just my opinion, but the figures are in fact true and so is the amounts that the top management's pay package has been increased during the last seven years.

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    • Jimbo,

      Except that the figures are in fact ... not true. Yahoo shows BB&T's closing price was $39.16 on December 31, 1998 (not $40.31). Not sure why I am bothering to respond to you, recognizing that you will likely post a retort along the lines of "yes, but had you purchased (insert randon low closing date over last few years) and sold on December 31, 1998 you would have made (insert resulting negative return here)" ...except it is a rainy, lazy afternoon, the current bowl games suck and the ND-Ohio State Game is not on for another hour.

      You are a humorless, predictable bore.

      Tell me what I should have bought over the same time frames, with the same amount of risk and better total returns.

      Oh and do you own this stock?

      • 3 Replies to tiredofenteringloginnames
      • Tired,

        How does crow taste? I don't dispute that Yahoo states what you posted, however that doesn't make it correct and I think AOL may actually state $10.00 a share. Don't believe everything you hear, read or someone like you posts on this board.

        Of course then again you might be right. That is if you think that this company would actually lie about their own stock price. How much would you like to bet that I cannot produce paper work or a letter from BBT stating that their stock price 12/31/1998 was $40.3125 a share. Would this company lie about their stock price?

        Might be a humorless, perdictable bore, but at least my posts are accurate and backed by something other than hearsay.

        On your comment about what you should have bought I will be more than happy to take your money and quarantee you the same return you have made over the last seven years on this stock.

        I answered your question quite some time ago about whether I own this stock or not. The next question would probably be well how much and so on and so on. It has no bearing on this.I stated some time ago that I would not post anymore personal information about myself as it doesn't matter.


      • Here is a stock you could have bought 5 years ass.


        Any other questions?

      • Heheh, welcome back everyone! U2 Jimmie ole boy, got caught with a #s wrong eh. I dunno why these guys get their panties twisted all the time, who is twisting their arms to work for, or buy, but they sure are fired up at times. But had ole Jimmie bought when I did, sold when I did, he would be as happy as I, instead of fighting a screen.

    • Jim, you are using the 7 year model. Havent you learn yet. Use the 10 year model,if thats no good use the 15 year model an so on. Thats the answer I get here every time I blast those sorry BOD . They all need to go ,even JA if thats what it takes. It was easy to go from nowhere to somewhere . Now this management can not take us to the next level.

      Someone here will post a model of 50 years just you wait an see. They will make it fit thier argument.

      After all this waiting ,you watch we will get bought out for 45.00 or something like that.

      John A has no idea how to move this stock forward.

    • You're right. I apologize.

      This board is not for name calling.

      My apologies sh*&head.

    • Jim,
      Your post below suggests the stories (your's I presume) aren't based on facts?

      "My post stated the following "Every story has two sides."

      Do not try to make it out to say something something that wasn't stated. Nothing was said about truth or facts having two sides."

      I did take a position..truth and facts don't have two sides. Your admitted reason for posting is to take the other side whatever that is. If that floats your boat, live it up.
      The ignore button "stil" works.


    • Wow, such a great increase in value. Wow, such a great dividend. Would someone please explain to me just why BB&T is such a sound and well managed bank. The BIGS get theirs but the stockholders don't. Only reasons I can see to hold onto your BB&T stock is that the capitol gains tax would eat up a lot of your gain sould you sell or perhaps BB&T will be purchased by another bank.

    • A wise sage once said, "Never get into a piss fight with a skunk; you can't win." Somebody's using the message board to conduct a piss fight.

    • I ask again, as in post 11928 that was never answered...

      Jim, please refresh my memory; do you own any BBT? And, I (and I suspect the Board) would be interested in knowing when you bought it and why, if you are willing to share the information.

      FWIW,(and since my Mamma taught me to never ask a question I wouldn't answer...perhaps I should have said this in the first post) my family first received BBT upon the buyout of a local S&L in the early 80's. I estimate that cost is around 4. I've purchase more and reinvested every div.

      Best Regards,

    • My post stated the following "Every story has two sides."

      Do not try to make it out to say something something that wasn't stated. Nothing was said about truth or facts having two sides.

      As far as your comments about being wrong again, just where was the first time I was proven wrong. I've seen lots and lots of claims, but the facts were different then the claims.

      Your brillant post was the following "How 'bout just don't post anymore information or misinformation." It would appear from this post that you are either afraid to take a position on the posted figures or just don't know which is correct.

      I did however notice that you did not offer to take me up on my bet that I could verfiy my figures on the company stock price nor has anyone else on this board including Tired, Still and Bowtie just to name a few.

    • I rest my case!

    • Nice. Instead of insulting one poster, you manage to insult a whole region. The only 'dumb southerners' I know are those that migrated here from New York.

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