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  • tiredofenteringloginnames tiredofenteringloginnames Jan 2, 2006 3:33 PM Flag

    Great Stock, Great performance????????


    Except that the figures are in fact ... not true. Yahoo shows BB&T's closing price was $39.16 on December 31, 1998 (not $40.31). Not sure why I am bothering to respond to you, recognizing that you will likely post a retort along the lines of "yes, but had you purchased (insert randon low closing date over last few years) and sold on December 31, 1998 you would have made (insert resulting negative return here)" ...except it is a rainy, lazy afternoon, the current bowl games suck and the ND-Ohio State Game is not on for another hour.

    You are a humorless, predictable bore.

    Tell me what I should have bought over the same time frames, with the same amount of risk and better total returns.

    Oh and do you own this stock?

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    • Tired,

      How does crow taste? I don't dispute that Yahoo states what you posted, however that doesn't make it correct and I think AOL may actually state $10.00 a share. Don't believe everything you hear, read or someone like you posts on this board.

      Of course then again you might be right. That is if you think that this company would actually lie about their own stock price. How much would you like to bet that I cannot produce paper work or a letter from BBT stating that their stock price 12/31/1998 was $40.3125 a share. Would this company lie about their stock price?

      Might be a humorless, perdictable bore, but at least my posts are accurate and backed by something other than hearsay.

      On your comment about what you should have bought I will be more than happy to take your money and quarantee you the same return you have made over the last seven years on this stock.

      I answered your question quite some time ago about whether I own this stock or not. The next question would probably be well how much and so on and so on. It has no bearing on this.I stated some time ago that I would not post anymore personal information about myself as it doesn't matter.


    • Here is a stock you could have bought 5 years ass.


      Any other questions?

      • 1 Reply to bankerusa06
      • Ouch, that hurts! Not trying to be a smart ass really (anymore than Jimbo is trying to be a gadfly) and appreciate the M&T info. Dividend yield is about half what BB&T is currently - not sure what it has been historically and in spite of the fact that ND has just lost to Ohio State (that WAS a fumble and should have been a TD for the Irish, but I digress) I don't have the energy to research their historical dividend and what impact this would have on total returns relative to BB&T.

        So, is short, I am not sure MTB is a better investment than BB&T over the same time frame, but I am willing to listen.

        Any other opinions?

    • Heheh, welcome back everyone! U2 Jimmie ole boy, got caught with a #s wrong eh. I dunno why these guys get their panties twisted all the time, who is twisting their arms to work for, or buy, but they sure are fired up at times. But had ole Jimmie bought when I did, sold when I did, he would be as happy as I, instead of fighting a screen.

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