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  • creedoger creedoger Jan 25, 2006 9:47 AM Flag

    WAY to GO BBT on eminent domain

    Standing up for the people like that.

    I think that is a great thing not lending money to the crooks of the world....

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    • The developers may all run to the BOA but they might have too many problems with Lewis Lax Leadership this year to do the deals. Just a thought. Try not to do that much thinking because if you overthink the first answer *right is right, and wrong is wrong* you get out in the weeds.

      With all due respect Ms. Banker.

    • resulting business from taking this stance i meant to say...

    • the positive publicity and resulting coming off of this stance on eminent domain will more than make up for the loss in loan business for eminent domain constructions. wouldn't surprise me to see this begin some sort of movement in the industry...folks like to see big companies take stances favorable to the masses. doesn't happen often enough.


    • I deal in reality, ever try that?

    • Principle is a key concept upon which our country was founded. Unfortunately, the concept has been lost.

      BB&T has made a principled AND courageous move -- one that should be applauded by both it's shareholders and customers.

      Your comments to the contrary are simply rationalizations. Rationalization -- a concept not in short supply today -- is never the right thing to do. In fact if you look at a historical perspective, rationalizing circumstances in which our country found itself perpetuated slavery, resulted in internment of Japanese-Americans, resulted in the likes of Enron, Healthsouth, Worldcom, and a host of other nefariously embarassing moments.

      Instead of being critical of management, you should be applauding their courageous stand. BB&T will weather whatever storm might occur until this "manure coated" decision is legislatively corrected.

      For disclosure, I am neither a customer or stockholder in BB&T.

    • ..............slippery road - what next? Who is to say what is "right" vs. wrong? What if Nancy Pelosi or Teddi Kennedy come to BBT for a loan - would they get it?

    • Good grief woman, just how much business do you anticipate there to be in this field in the next say 5 years? What maybe one instance if we're lucky. JA just didn't take the high road with this announcement, he has always been high road. Amazing what this modern education has done to some. Say g'nite Mrs Calabash wherever you are.

    • Are you one of the immoral liberals that support the emminent donain decision? Thank God for John Roberts and pending Justice Alito who would never allow the sort of socialist nonsense that led to the emminent domain rule... have to have values and beliefs and principles....without them you are nothing but Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Michael Moore....which ain't a compliment...

      John made a value driven principled decision...somewhat symbolic as these loan requests will be few and far between..

      but I like it!

    • You're soooooooooo right.
      Glad to see a big corporation stand up to the government and say what they're doing to the little guy is wrong. I don't want some county official telling me I have to sell to them so WalMart can built on my property and increase their tax revenues. Shame on them.

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