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  • lex_nox lex_nox Feb 27, 2006 7:46 AM Flag the money says everyting....

    I like this new culture. Shallow, stupid,like a herd of little idiots.Cows. For many years, I've watched companies grow, and die. And watched the accompanying cultural changes, over the 50's, 60's, and 70's, I'd have to say that blind materialism and stupidity have finally paid off. The day traders, and short sheeters are finally those who rule the destinies of all -?- it's a little like having the stupid leading the ignorant, who are then leading the blind. For a long time, longer then many of you quibbling betty-boopers have been out here on this board, Ive studied the strategy of this company- and I'd have to say you're missing something. If every thing to be said about a company can be said in it's stock price, and in it's balance sheets, then you my dear little idiots are truly purely materialistic, and stupid by just as much. The same type of stupidity which lends to believing everything you see on a message board - which means that if I also have a halfway believeable name, and keep saying things which mean absolutely nothing- you'll believe me also? If all you know about a company are its numbers, then you are truly idiotic, and bereft - The heart and soul , and strategy of a company are often much more important than the garbage you banter about here- but then again, I must remember to whom I am speaking- this isnt the Warren Buffet generation - it's the Jimmy Buffet generation, if even that- the same one who lacks do-it-yourself ; when you could just push a button....what a bucket of tripe. Take it from an old-timer, the fast-track newbies who think they're 'onto' something when they do those day-trades,and dont see the performance they want within a year -or-two; are re-inventing the same wheel that went flat years ago. I simply cannot believe the garbage being propagated out here. Ive got some ocean front property for sale in Montana, for anyone who is interested.


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    • You sir are a pathetic piece of pond scum sucked in my your own lies.

    • Banker,

      I never never said I knew you in real life. I said I know your type that is all.


    • Joe Wanker-

      You claimed you knew me. Now, you claim you know West in real life.

      Wow. You're really impressive. Maybe you ought to know BBT's turnover, so you posts are more intelligent.

    • West,

      I think I know who you are in real life. Yes in Atlanta turnover is higher and probably will be higher for as long as BB&T is a bank. I know about the initative you are talking about and find it ammusing how you have distorted the facts. The officer level has never and I mean never had 30% turnover across the bank and that includes the internal report that you reffer to. I also find it amussing how you compare officer turnover at BB&T to the industry average turnover for tellers. That compairison isn't even remotly relavent.


    • Ahhh Westy, thats called the when one bad apple gets antsy and knows it's time to bail, the herd follows syndrome. You and Banker need to get your #s together especially when you compare teller turnover to officer. I have a very close association with Exec Management in the Ga area. Is that where you were?

    • You're an idiot. I recently left BB&T (aka Made Bail)after many years of employment and I hate to inform you but you are soooo far off base that you need to reassess your naive point-of-view. BB&T issued a corporate directive two years ago that broke the HR lines of communication between the regions in order to give the appearance of lower turnover. However, I was involved in an Executive Management initiative that was intended to find out why there was so much turnover. An internal report showed that for the first 6 months of 2005 BB&T had over 30% turnover at the officer level. Compare that to the teller turnover industry average of 25% to 30%. Get a life you idiot kool-aide drinkers!

    • Banker,

      Hate to break this to you but turnover at BB&T is less that the industry average and is much less than Wachovia, B of A, and Suntrust. We are still in the mid teens in turnover but that is better than the 20%+ of the banks I just named.

      I think its funny that you think our model doesn't work well in the metro markets. It does great on small to mid size customers. We aren't great at corporate banking but are getting better and expect to see signifigant growth in that area again this year.


    • Well Dilbert, the DC area is but a minute part of the US of A, and like the democrat liberals there, you don't have a clue about the rest of the world. If you research that as you didn't the swings of BBandT it's obvious why you will never make dolt level. Employment and Compensation consultant to me means headhunter. I work on a little higher level, with the big dogs. Does she ever let you go out and play

    • Is it funny that I know the turnover rate, or is it because my wife is an employment and compensation consultant in the DC Metro area and works with banks here?


    • Bravisimo nailed it right on the head....Stil always changes the subject and never responds to legitimate questions.

      Still is da MAN!

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