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  • bosssmann bosssmann Mar 1, 2006 12:21 PM Flag


    I am a business owner who has owned bbt stock for 10+ years. I've heard about the $5 check cashing rule already on this board but guess I didn't realize it would cost me until I talked with a bank rep today. Needless to say I will be switching to a local bank (RBC) for my banking needs. I would switch my mortgage as well if it wasn't for my rate being 4.25%. Does anyone know if this new check fee will actually reduce their bottom line by costing them loss of business? I would like to unload my shares but I thought they were undervalued until now. Any thoughts?

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    • DM,

      Hate, that you misunderstood my post. I did however post the following "Be sure to check out the price of the options issued in 1999 which are good until 2009."

      If you had followed the above advice you would have realized how to read the post. Plus the fact that options are good for ten years is common knowledge and the ending date would have told most people the issue date. The following is the part of the post referred to and the only part of the post with the 2009 date.

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $36.133 2/23/2000(7) 2/23/2009 Common Stock 162247 162247D

      Hope this clears everything for you.


    • "These would have been given to him on 2/25/1997,..."

      That's what I was saying but your original post appeared to me to be saying the ones that were actually given in '97 were given in '98.

    • DM,

      They came straight off an SEC filing. I think the problem you are having is that they are given in one year and then vest the next year.You are more than welcome to check the SEC filings for JA.

      In your example which was the following:
      "Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $20.188 2/25/1998 (5) 2/24/2007 Common Stock 66230 66230 D" These would have been given to him on 2/25/1997, they vest 2/25/1998 and then are good until 2/25/2007. At least this is my understanding and options are normally good for 10 years from date of issue.

      Hope this helps.


    • I don't know where your info came from but I believe your date/price info is a bit whacked. Incentive stock options must be issued at the then current price of the stock. After the 2006 option, it looks like you're giving the vesting date and not the date of issuance.

      For example, the one you show as...

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $20.188 2/25/1998 (5) 2/24/2007 Common Stock 66230 66230 D

      the stock closed at (split adjusted) 20.188 on 2/25/97 not 2/25/98. On 2/24/98 the price closed at a (split adjusted) price of 31.00 which is what you're showing with a date of 2/24/99.

      I'm getting the pricing from

    • Silly Stillie,

      Posting facts and figures isn't whining. All I have ever done is post the truth. If you can't stand the truth just ignore it, but it is still the truth regardless of whatever you think it is in your own little world.

      In any case your reply was as expected and I believe if you check you will find that you are the one who started this.

      Noticed that you did not either state that JA deserved the options,that the stock price increase or the shareholder return over the last few years justified the options given.

      Last word on the subject with you. Knowing that you will not answer the above questions, but post some kind of change the subject nonsense.

    • Jimmie boy, its always you who like silly #s and the like. But I know you know the numbers of all the others are just the same so I wont press you on that. As ole Walter Brennan used to say, no brag just fact. Whether anyone believes me is immaterial to me, whether one is happy or not is obvious. Anyone with a smidgen of a brain can read anothers words, and, as Rush would say, "words have meaning", and tell if they are happy or whiners. I have yet to read a post from you that does anything other than whine.

    • Silly Stillie,

      You think whatever you like. At least I post facts and the truth and can face reality.

      I don't need to brag and post things that can't be proved on a message board. Is that just someone's way of escaping from reality?

      Any post a certain person on this board doesn't like or is not favorable to his little world they just post "you must be so unhappy."

    • Jimmie boy, what did you accomplish here other than making yourself more unhappy and envious.
      Since you have all this idle time now list the same for the other 9 top 10 banks. Then list such places as JNJ FDC GM or the like. After you see that all are the same, you will be even more unhappy. While you are doing that with about 4 clicks of the mouse, I will make about 20k. Happy typing. I should invest in some tissue stocks

    • Here is what the great leader gets in stock options. This is a great leader taking care of the shareholders that own this company? Be sure to check out the price of the options issued in 1999 which are good until 2009. Guess the big guys get options regardless of share price increase?

      Stock Option (right to buy) $39.730 2/21/2006 A 203508 2/21/2007 (4) 2/21/2016 Common Stock 203508 $0 203508 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $20.188 2/25/1998 (5) 2/24/2007 Common Stock 66230 66230 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $31.000 2/24/1999 (6) 2/23/2008 Common Stock 184516 184516 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $36.313 2/23/2000 (7) 2/23/2009 Common Stock 162247 162247 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $23.938 2/22/2001 (8) 2/22/2010 Common Stock 225637 225637 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $36.590 2/27/2002 (9) 2/27/2011 Common Stock 157638 157638 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $36.840 2/26/2003 (10) 2/26/2012 Common Stock 160460 160460 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $32.660 2/25/2004 (11) 2/25/2013 Common Stock 253526 253526 D

      Employee Stock Option (right to buy) $36.680 2/24/2005 (12) 2/24/2014 Common Stock 186545 186545 D

      Stock Option (Right to Buy) $38.640 2/22/2006 (13) 2/22/2015 Common Stock 228260 228260 D

    • Actually, it's responsibility to shareholders & profitability. If the rank and file employees want more money, they can always post for positions with more responsibility. At BB&T, more money is there for people that prepare for it. LONG LIVE JOHN ALLISON, HE IS A GREAT LEADER!

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