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  • nodoginthisfight2005 nodoginthisfight2005 Nov 15, 2006 9:02 PM Flag

    HEY STIL & FAN!!! HA!

    Did your rose colored glasses fall of your face when you read your boy's comments that your bank won't survive!!???

    Too funny. You two are a bunch of a-holes.

    Funny how many other banks aren't having an issue with the yield curve, etc. Makes me think that the BBT management wasn't up to the challenge.

    Funny, Funny, Funny.

    U. R. Wrong

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    • Oh man...that's too good...laughing out loud...

    • HA HA--the Rockies--Hawaii--the neighborhood ladies--all your free time. Good one, stil...

      Tomorrow you do what you normally do. You get your suit and your tie and your black wingtips on and report to the PR department at BBT HQ in Winston. There you dream up some more propaganda about the Dear Leader.

      You might take a page from the Kim Jong Il folks--"the Dear Leader played golf for the first time in his life yesterday and shot 58. He could beat Tiger Woods lefthanded..."

      Post it under wilson's name. That way we'll all be fooled into thinking it's reasonable...

    • for a man that loves "brevity" you certainly throw out a lot of bs...

      is ms. stil reading this crap on here? if there is a ms. stil she will whip your ass (oh, that's how you met her, LOL)

      btw, mixing the phrases "toddies" and "my Lord and Saviour for giving me girls like you to play with" implies some deep psycholigical imbalances stil. do you listen to your michael jackson records in the dark?

      you're a hoot stil, i'm just pulling your chain. but one thing


    • Not all doggies are like you two with nose to butt, but I would suggest you re read JAs article and look for key statements. Keep in mind also that STIL has paid his dues, and doesn't answer the alarm clock like you two do everyday. Keep in mind with all the neighbor ladies attention my head is high. Keep in mind I can go off when I please and spend how much I please, and will reap humongous rewards, for those in Rio Linda that means el grande bucks, mucho buckos, large $s. My greatest wish is for you to report to a female supervisor in the coming year if not already, and to hang your whiny heads even lower when they tell you to improve. If I crave a meltdown, I will jet off to Hawaii on the $ I made just this day on penny stocks. If I crave a freeze I will jet to the Rockies and have toddies by the fireplace overlooking Gods country, and thank my Lord and Saviour for giving me girls like you to play with when I please. I know children that could toy with you. Now get that phone and get me a beer.

    • Hmm with your vast knowledge of the area, you must have inspected many close up, what is that spot on your nose? I realize many of you need constant reminders that BBandT is STIL not for sale or MOE, but most know that. In 12 months I will repeat it for youse guys.

    • I'm remembering a time when our good friend Stil would enter each post with a criticism of the poster, a smart ass comment about the posters opinion, and a comment that went something like, "BBT is STIL not for sale."

      Those were the glory days. Boy do I miss them.


      lol, lol , lol

    • You really don't have a clue do ya?

    • stil, i'm sensing a real "michael richards" (aka kramer from seinfeld) melt-down happening with you.

      take some deep fact...put your head somewhere dark...lean over as far as you

    • dog:

      Which story did you read? JAA's desire to remain ndependent is probably stronger than ever. "We'd have to feel confident that our culture would survive," he said. Sounds like JAA at the helm to me.

      It appears, from the story, that his timeframe is 5 to 10 years. He has a long term strategy to remain independent. When BB&T did it's MOE with Southern National in 1995, its stock significantly climbed the next three to four years.

      btw, all banks are being impacted or having issues related to the yield curve. That was a ridiculous statement.

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