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  • j123mikes j123mikes Nov 16, 2006 5:22 PM Flag

    Did JA hang out the FOR SALE sign?

    I have to admit to taking JA at his word in his most recent interview with the financial press--you know, MOE, 5-10 years, our culture survives, blah blah... But the market seems to be intepreting this as the bank being for sale.

    You have to wonder, if everything is going along hunky-dory like management (and some of the shills on this board) have represented, why he'd make these comments now. I know this much--it wasn't an accident. The man is pretty deliberate when it comes to public comment, and he had an outcome in mind when he said this. What, though? I bet there's a lot of nervous chatter on the same subject in WS right now...

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    • After JA's comments to the press I re-read my stock option / restricted stock agreement. According to the agreement, an MOE is not considered a "change of control" and, therefore, does not immediately vest all unvested options. BB&T (and the other party in the transaction, I guess) has sole authority to characterize the transaction as an MOE or sale. Given the number of outstanding unvested options and restricted shares, wouldn't it be in their best interest to call whatever transaction occurs an MOE? Is that a realistic theory or am I splitting hairs?

      Yes, Ashy Larry is an employee.

    • Jimmie, thanks much, and if it gets any better for me I won't be able to stand myself. Out shopping today and I noticed all these ladies kept looking at me so I had to mess my hair up to get it stopped. One thing I always liked about you is you are consistent in your posts and you keep your same nick. The posts of 6 or 7 years ago were calling for the stagecoach and the damn thing must have gotten hijacked, as you well know 1998 was a good year. You also know Im not into predicting much except that BBandT is STIL not for sale or MOE. I leave the other stuff to those with a brain. Btw all my purchases of under $10 are doing well

    • And a very Merry Christmas to you Stil and I hope you have the best New Year ever.

      Noticed that nothing has changed on this board. You could check the posts of a few years ago and read the same statements which include mine about the stock price. Just the name of some of the posters have changed to either protect the innocent or not so innocent.

      Do you have any feelings as to when this baby might move out of the current trading range?

    • I'd rather not say but I was not a banker.


    • Hindsight I suppose... But I'm not accumulating the stock any longer - I have quite enough but I'm think I'm sticking for the long term until some acquisitions/moes happen and hopefully outcome will be positive. Learned that lesson the hard way. Bought NCNB (now BofA) in late 80s when stock fell to 15.00 and in hindsight, obviously timing of my sell within a few years or so was BAD. If only.......

    • Ahhhhh Jimmie welcome back! Merry Christmas and as you can see BBandT is STIL here and not for sale. Did you know JA was in Wilson yesterday

    • Judy,

      The point is simply the fact that in your case if you dropped off the oldest two of the last ten years what would your return have been?

      You probably would have made a much better return with your money in a bank CD over the last 8 years.Some years ago they produced great returns, but not the last few. Not only would you not have had your money at any risk because of FDIC insurance, but would have probably made a much better return on the dollars invested. In your case the stock was worth $40.31 a share 12/13/1998 and you could have sold the shares and changed to another type of investment within your 401k. So the question is what have you made on your investment since 12/31/1998?

      401K'S are great, but it is still an investment and should be treated as such and one would want and demand a good return on that investment and 8 years is getting to be a longer term period.Everyone should look at their investments on a regular basis and adjust them accordingly.If you are happy with this kind of return then great, but don't let older returns and glories cloud your vision.

      Yours for better investing,


    • You sound like you are pretty knowledgeable as far as investments and such. I'm sure you and most others on this board know much more than I do about investments but

      my most recent 401k statement from BB&T states a 10 year performance of BB&T stock at 13.47%(still not the big returns of a decade ago though)

      I believe the stock also split in the fall of 1998 if I recall around 36.00 and then climbed to the 40.00 (approx) by the end of the year in 1998 that you referenced. It has also paid a dividend every year for the past 100 years. It also appears to have drastically outperformed any other BB&T 401k investment (mid cap fund was closest at 11.00%)over 10 years as well.

      Its performance has been in recent years disappointing but I used that opportunity to accumulate more of the stock at this flat price as I felt positive about the company.

      I suppose it depends on your investment goals but 14% return in 10 yr period is ok with me. If someone's goal is better returns with a short term investment plan, I can see where this would be a bummer of a stock.

      Am I missing something?

    • This stock closed on 12/31/1998 at $40.31 a share.
      Today's closing on 11/30/2006 was $43.01 a share.

      So if you owned this stock on December 31st, 1998 and continue to hold those shares you have made less than $2.75 a share plus dividends for the time frame of 7 years and 11 months. This is the investment that some on this board would have you believe is so great.

      Lots of past glories in a long ago time just like some of the posters on this board.

      Can BBT actually make it to $43.31 and hold by the end of the year?

      Yours for better investing,


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