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  • knoxfireman knoxfireman Nov 20, 2006 8:16 AM Flag

    Dear PR Chogi

    Most, mikey:

    You ain't gonna get the last word or win against stil. he is relentless. hey mikey, now that i called you what stil called you, am i stil? keeping you guessing.

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    • my point is proven about entertainment LOL...

      one other point about employees who post...i am sure it is somewhere in one of the employee codes of conduct that posting on a board anything about the company is an ethical violation...and terms for dismissal. whether that has happened at bbt i guess stil and someone else in hr knows better than me (lol)

      so stil...if you're the grizzled good-ole-boy investor who eats "q" and hangs out at with the neighborhood kids, why would you really want to hear someone who works where you have a large investment breaking a code of conduct for your entertainment?

      boy stil, i'm shocked...for a guy that is all bbt you sure have a pardoxical point of view toward "spying" and finding ways for employees to post. i think the poster hit a nerve suggesting you are different than your image...i liked the old stil image much better btw.

      if you're a current employee and disgruntled and don't like bbt go quickly and find a job somewhere'll be a lot happier and the company will to...and i will because i do own stock in the company! if you're "stil" angry after you leave, post to your hearts content and vent your hostilities and "stil" or someone else will try to show you to be "stil" a

      but if you work there and post on here, i for one will discount what you say because you're doing it unethically and risking a lot for nothing...just like "stil" this is all entertainment to most readers and posters so why create at least a moral problem for yourself?

      i've got the week off and will check back to hear what i'm sure will be a "classic" stil response...that's entertainment! LOL

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