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  • bowtieoneon bowtieoneon Nov 27, 2006 9:28 PM Flag


    What does the board think of JA's comments regarding the attempts at MOE/whatever with Regions? Would that have been a good match? What would be a good match?


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    • Heheh! I luvit. You know sometimes those trees do get in the way of those looking for the forest

    • Look theres one of them now.

    • And one more thing I want to add that BBandT is STIL not for SALE or MOE especially when I haven't had John over for Q in some time. But I did like to listen to him to him last night other than when he brought up that A N Ryan guy and started talking about ethics and business stuff but other than that I understood everything he said even though I don't have much in the way of brains but I have lots of money and the love of my saviour the one and only Jesus Christ and the love of all of the neighborhood ladies who look out their windows at me when I'm mowing my yard when ever the grass grows from where I've urinated all over the place and seeing me out there mowing is always making their hearts flutter and all of you girlies jealous and want to cry you young wimps you don't know anything about BBandT like I do. And BBandT is STIL not for SALE or MOE.

    • Depends on the the definition of is. Stupid is as stupid is. Who is right is STIL to be determined concerning
      BBandT. Predictors here have set dates as low as 5 months to 12 months. My record for the past several years is STIL intact, and as all know I don't have a brain. Where is this place that all predictors go when their brainiacs turn out wrong. Do they change their nick and return?

    • I think you are pretty stupid yourself.

      His posts make a lot of sense. It is obvious YOU have your head in the clouds or you are just very uninformed.

      Include yourself in the list of dumb posters.

    • bowtieon,

      Good to see that one of the on-again, off-again board regulars here finally posed the question that, if you've been following BB&T for at least a year or so, has definitely been begging to be asked. I find it striking how loudly the other regular posters absolutely ignore your question. I offer the following possible explanations for their deafening silence:
      1) Little to no familiarity with Regions Bank.
      Given the very small degree of competitive overlap between these 2 banks (north Georgia and small part of Florida), this is a likely explanation for many.
      2) Irrationally stubborn mindset that is deadset against BB&T being acquired or involved in a MOE, even when JA comes out of the woodwork to herald it. It may be news to alot of you, but bank CEOs don't just do with JA did for no reason. It's not even regular behavior for JA himself. JA is doing what he likely needs to do in order to preserve the BB&T culture.

      But good question, bowtieon. Maybe you'll eventually get an honest answer from one of the board regulars here. JMHO and some facts.

    • In my opinion, the most likely MOE is with 5/3 in Cincinnati. They have recently lost almost their entire exec. mgmt team; only their chairman has any longevity in his position. Their footprint has almost no overlap with BBT--maybe KY, a little in TN, and that's about it. Mostly they are in the Midwest. 5/3 has an integrity problem; they are in trouble with regulators over inaccurate and untimely reporting. The two banks have also stayed in touch over the years. All of these things make would play favorably to BBT mgmt.; they could in essence replace exec. mgmt., not have to close many branches, they have an excellent reputation with regulators and they "know" the bank about as well as you can.

      The problem is, as a shareholder, I hate the deal. There will be no premium in the stock and it will languish for years as the digestion occurs. So I can't say it would be a GOOD match, but I think it is the most LIKELY one.

    • stil, why did that deal fall apart? it evidently crushed ja...

      what about our bet? or are you "stil" chicken?

    • One that is obtained without paying a premium, or matched with control being retained, and shows promise for the future re business

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      • btw, i'm not a "va employee" check back on my posts (if you haven't deleted them) and you'll see my connection...through one valley...and i may not be as "old" as you but i'm no spring chicken.

        if you're referring to fvb, that was what brought bbt down-proved they paid too much for primarily a rural bank (even though they had a presence here in nva) and showed the world they could not assimilate a larger bank (as ja said, bbt suffered from "indigestion" after that one)

        sorry stil, but the world isn't that simple...and you're not right all the time lol!

        bbt is "stil" 4 sale! thank goodness for longs!

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