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  • knoxfireman knoxfireman Jan 26, 2007 11:11 AM Flag

    yodee: your signs aren't bbt signs

    Yodee: come on now, just joshing with ya.. just want your definition of SOON. 10 days, 10 months, 10 years. how about some perspective, not over why, but over when? help me out, here.

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    • Knox,
      "Stil" you show none,
      Yoda read past posts, Stil clone, you are.
      Clone wars--here.
      More than Aretha song.
      Knox and Stil,
      one in same, more ways
      than ONE.
      Prediction-Stil will still be asshole tomorrow.
      Knox? Shoe fits?

    • Knox, O yodee O doh is just another in a long line of guessers who throw a dart and hope it sticks, from soon to 5 to 12 months sell, then fade away to new nicks or leave with tail dragging, cept for yodee whose tail, well you know. They are numerous since the beginning of this board, like this one:
      stagecoach bear hug (Not rated) 7-Aug-05 01:08 pm keep up all these in inane postings, and dont post anything about stock performance, that is a reliable yahoo message board indicator that this bank is sayonara.

      coincidence or what? 30+ stagecoach relocations in charlotte in past 6 months, hmmmm, what could that mean?
      By EMA40_scalper.
      They all get huffy when you pin them to wall, call you names as if words on a screen just devastate you, and demonstrate envy and downright anger at lifelong effort to succeed in that all is not handed to them just by them showing up for 6 months. Challenge you to duels, then dont show up, and demonstrate plain ignorance by not listening to those who obviously do know. I know, I used to be one of them. An old man then told me, just when you think you know it all, you run into someone who actually does. Listen to them and you will succeed. I listened, and still do today. And I know you know who those folks are on this board. I am curious to know what yodee O Dohs predict is. My toe is swollen and I need a good hoot.

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