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  • kettensage52 kettensage52 Feb 23, 2007 12:24 AM Flag


    Given how this stock has performed over the past decade and now that peer banks are exceeding its performance the Board should be looking for a merger partner. If there is BB&T shareholder value created who cares if BB&T (yes John)culture survives. Would they turn down shareholder value just because culture does not survive. Probably so.

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    • You are not getting it's who am I?

      STIL Friday and No March!

    • Bill has thousands of friends, and Ken Chalk has more than that, and I have taken sustenance with him a time or two. Ernie, who am I?

    • So you're friends with Bill, huh? How many other board Members/GPs are you friends with? I take it you know Ken (an old drinking buddy from days and banks gone by) as well then.

    • Ahhh Ernie boy, still ducking the question eh!! Your credibility went south and will stay south like ole O Yodee O Duh, who has made numerous predictions and promises, yet fails to do so, and of course the wise sage you are, you agreed with her. Btw sage doesn't mean the spice for those of you in Rio Linda.

      On 1/28 Yodee says knows who MOE is, will tell later, says regions will consolidate next 6 to 8 weeks, and MOE will be announced in second quarter. And of course STIL will disappear and cry.

      On 1/31 Yodee says always right on predictions, and the usual more to come soon.

      On 2/6 Yodee says, regions to consol soon NC-3 WV-2 Ga-2 Fla-2, more layoffs to come, process starts 4/7.

      On 2/11 Yodee says will tell more tomorrow evening

      On 2/12 Yodee tells nothing

      Just a few examples, the rest of her posts were, well you all know, the usual saying soon STIL will disappear and cry, STIL is someone else, Ernie wise, an attempt to apologize to me for what she terms jabs, what I might term a gnat in a swarm.

      Now we have a 4/20 before noon, a foreign buyer, and STIL will be screwed, as if this is new news, and hasnt been discussed in here a 100 times, like the layoffs JA discussed months ago isn't new news. She may be right on one part, my lovely wife appreciates the riches we have.

      I again could care less what anyone thinks of me or posts about me. I enjoy debate. Anyone that cares to look back will find that I have never said anything about a ladies appearance in any way. I have no problem describing girly men or little henpecked boys. I know no one on this board, and no one knows who I am. But what one says tell volumes about them, so it's easy to tell girly men and henpecked boys. I do have a great memory, and file away what people post in the way of predictions. I find the majority of them go away to sulk or reappear under other nicks to attempt jabs at me. Well, STIL hasn't disappeared, isn't crying, is STIL making huge $$, will continue to do so, and when the day comes of a sale or MOE, I expect 2007 to be an unevenful year, I will reap further HUGE rewards, and, " I will be richer than you are," and you guys will eat your heart out that I'm STIL around.

      Speaking of slick willie, I heard on the great Rush show today that he has made 40 million on speeches since leaving office, and I haven't heard the drive by media complain once. You may recall when Reagan got a couple mill the media went berserk, calling it unseemly.

      Gods greatest gift to man is woman. Enough said. And did I mention BBandT is STIL not for sale or MOE? Did you know JA is STIL it's leader? Did you know 6 to 8 weeks is almost nigh, and April 7 and 20 will be here before we know it, and lawn mowing? I think I'll go to the Florida house soon. Bill told me about a great Q place about 20 miles from my home there. Lights a cigar in anticipation. Get back to work boys.

    • While others on this board (ok one person and his multiple alter egos) continue to give the rosy view (as they are financially obligated to do), as a shareholder I would like to see some actual growth and not pretend growth spurred by ridiculously high interest rates (for one month only) and the end of each quarter and asking line of credit borrowers to advance their lines and deposit the proceeds.

      BB&T's back is against the wall and I don't see any way out except a MOE or sale to a larger holder. What just happened with Compass makes me wonder if a foreign "partner" is not in the future.

    • I like the great loyalty of some of the posters to JA and his spiel that BBT is not for sale. I agree with them but only on the basis that no buyer has come forth with a price that meets what JA expectations for selling. It has been reported that JA has mentioned in the past a MOE. Sooner or later an offer will be made that JA cannot refuse.

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