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  • crazyrobert1 crazyrobert1 Feb 28, 2007 6:32 AM Flag

    Democrats already ruining the economy?

    Could the negative trends in the markets we saw today be what is in store now that the Democrats rule congress? After all, it was the biggest drop in the Dow since September 11, 2001. Nothing like this happened under a Republican controlled congress.

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    • As a die hard democrat, this is one of my big mistakes when I did not vote for Barry. If he had given speeches before the election like he did after the election he would have won by a land slide. (Only the narrow minded vote a straight ticket.)

    • Is anyone twisting your arm?

    • I am sick of hearing BB&T is still not for sale. I agree it isn't for sale only because management doesn't know what shareholder value is or how to create it as shown by their numerous dilutive mergers. The last mergers that created any value were SNB and UCB. If the value of the stock is only up $4 (now $2)in ten years maybe it is time for a change.

    • That course is taught everyday by the one and only great Professor Rush Limbaugh, behind the golden microphone at the EIB Institute. I am a gold card member. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means I have been a student as long as he has taught Conservatism. STIL snickers at the potential onslaught of Rush hater attacks. Btw, have you noticed BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE? We are in the middle of the last 5 to 12 month predictor, who mysteriously disappeared, maybe, unless under new nick, and very close to the one who says soon, soon, soon, or will reveal more tomorrow.

    • When you really look at the democrats that have taken over congress, starting with Nancy that already demonstrated this outlook, they are as rotten as the republicans. They are all self centered, striving for what they can do for themselves and their special interest groups. They have all lost sight the goals for what they were elected for, doing what is good for the country. Before the year is up the posts here will be strickly anti-democrat. The majority do not have enough backbone to vote for most of the issues that are important for the country and the economy. Fearful of losing votes and not being re-elected.

    • Do the Democrats control China? Do the Democrats control what stocks you buy and sell?

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