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  • alipac_watch alipac_watch Apr 10, 2007 1:42 PM Flag

    BB&T on Bank Boycott List

    Has anyone else noticed that BB&T is on the Bank boycott list?

    Interesting news item...ALIPAC, the organization that is leading the boycott, banked at BB&T at least until December 22, 2006!

    You can find bank fees paid to BB&T on their FEC disclosures, at on their 2006 year end report, page 11:

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    • ALIPAC still banks at BB&T, despite their boycott list. Maybe we should take this as an endorsement of BB&T!

    • ALIPAC is in trouble with the FEC again, this time for failing to file a mid-year 2007 report:
      In the past, the FEC has gone after ALIPAC several times for filing incorrect reports, mostly numbers that didn't add up. Suppose we can pitch in and buy them a calculator?

      I'm curious to know whether ALIPAC still banks at BB&T, a bank they still encourage others to boycott. I guess we'll never know unless they file the report required by federal law. The mid-year report was due July 30.

      Amazing how they throw stones at illegal immigrants for breaking the law, while apparently ALIPAC doesn't comply with the laws either. According to their previous FEC reports, ALIPAC has a payroll but has never paid a penny of payroll taxes either! Why does our government allow ALIPAC to get away with this crap?

    • Did you not notice what this list is? It is a "Bank of America" boycott list. Someone was apparently upset about the BofA credit policy that supposedly was targeted at illegal aliens. The web page creator apparently listed all the banks by state that people could select as alternatives to Bank of America. This has nothing to do with boycotting BB&T. Misinformation spreads like wildfire, doesn't it!

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      • Correction, read the list thread. It clearly states which banks to boycott and which ones are OK:
        "Only Illegal aliens need a Matricula Consular Card to bank in the U.S. Banks that accept the Matricula Consular Card are soliciting illegal alien customers and encouraging, inducing, aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

        Please note - these lists contain some inaccurate information. They are works in progress. Please check the information for accuracy before moving your accounts. We intend to expand and update the lists often. There are many more banks to add to the list.

        If you represent a bank and to assure the public you DO NOT Accept the Matricula Cards, Please use our Certification Process.

        Consumers that have corrections or banks to add to our list should contact us.

        Please double check to make sure our information is accurate before moving your accounts.

        If you see that your bank accepts the Matricula Consular Card, we suggest you do the following:
        Contact them and let them know you are changing banks and why.
        When you change banks, tell your new bank you are joining them because they do not accept the Matricula Consular Card and aide illegal aliens
        Always check with the new bank before opening an account, if our information is wrong, please notify us with the bank's contact information so we can verify it."

    • What a great way to hide money!
      Fake name! No Address! No tax reporting requirements!
      What should we call ourselves?
      My new name is Nacho Mamas.
      Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
      Can we open a new account every week under a different name?

      If the people don't do something, then it won't get done.
      Support the boycott!

    • Getting you news off "the stall" in the Taco Bell again? You need to spend less time in their, Sport. Of course, that's tough since it's your place of employment. BTW, clean that stll when you're done.

    • So tell us, w_at_alipac, is still banking at BB&T? How can ALIPAC boycott a bank where it does it's banking business, or are you telling us ALIPAC's FEC disclosures are wrong? Did your treasurer file amended FEC disclosues yet? I don't see any so I suppose the 2006 reports are accurate, meaning ALIPAC banks at a bank it encourages others to boycott! How hypocritical!

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      • Hi Bob. How goes your reconquista campaign? Is California part of Mexico again? Your efforts to get Spanish declared the official language of the USA going good for you? Your mail-order wife still can't speak any English, eh? If she ever learns English she'll find out she was second choice to that Russian. Too bad your check to the Buy-a-Russian-Wife service didn't clear. Still trying to find work in rural Minnesota? Real tough after you get fired in a small town. Everybody knows about the phony asthma claim and the lawsuit. That store-bought wife 25 years younger than you doesn't help. Have you landed a process server job yet? Is Mickey D's hiring or did they turn you down too what with schools out for the summer?

    • Put yer coke bottle lenses on girly man, and check out the the other large banks and their woes, such as Citi which is cutting thousands of employees, TDJ's predictions are reruns of the past several years, none of which mean squat, sorta like Yodees. I bought a block at 39 and change and will be selling at 42 and change, again making $$ while you kids flounder around acting like you know something. Hell, Ive got wine older than you boy.

    • You're a liar without a life, Bob. How did those reports you say you sent to the FEC and IRS work out for you? How's your illegal alien wife? Can she speak any English yet? Does she know she was second choice after your check to the Buy-a-Russian-Wife service bounced? Have you found a job yet?

    • Shove your pissant feud up your ass, bob, then eat shit and die.

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