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  • yodaknowsbestbbt yodaknowsbestbbt Jun 29, 2007 4:37 PM Flag

    The Force Is Strong With MOE

    Much anger Stil seems to post with,
    talks of MOE with RF reveals much about him it does.
    Claims of not being employee of BBT is false,
    much like his pleasing the neighborhood ladies.....ROFLMGAO!
    Stil pleases Stil, this is true,
    the force of his hand is strong in his pants!
    Baited Stil with topic, many here did,
    being aggressive, defensive, and angry over MOE comical it is.
    RF MOE may or may not happen, force not strong yet on this one,
    BBT is still in MOE market, force remains strong.
    Stil being a wealthy, retired marine is a chuckle,
    an old BBT employee kissin' JA's ass he has always been.
    Anyone doubt Yoda on Stil being an employee?
    Try reading all of his posts in defense of his beloved bank, truth you shall find!
    Stil is on payroll, proof to follow.

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    • Yoda: tell me who the possible MOE candidates would be.

      I do not believe Regions is on that list

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      • That's a tough question which is why I think nothing has happened in terms of a sale or MOE yet (although they were close with Regions a little while back). The people controlling the bank are closer to members of a cult than a business. They are all long time insiders and don't take kindly to new people and fresh ideas.

        I agree that Regions is likely off the table. Perhaps a MOE (in name only) with Colonial would help get them into new markets in Florida (most branches are on the west coast), AL, and TX.

        It would take one of the big boys to take BB&T out like a Wells (probably never going to happen) or Citi or maybe someone from Europe or Asia....perhaps HSBC

    • Did I not? Force is weak in ole Stil,
      Played you like old fool I did!
      Revealed much about yourself,
      just flapping gums and showing your hand you did.
      Stil on payroll you are,
      just keep talking and be played more and more you shall.
      BTW, why care about BBT sale or MOE if only association is investor? Hmmmmmm??
      What is the real truth as to stock advice you refuse to give? Hmmmmmm??
      BBT is STIL in the market for MOE and Stil is STIL an insider to BBT, truth to follow.........hehehehehehe

    • Awwwww, looks like all the little boys and girls missed me! Forgot to tell you I was jetting down to the Tampa house for some fishin and fun. A good time was had by all. Well it looks like Yodee/balls was wrong again for about the umpteenth time in her/his predicts, and as usual faded away into cosmetic surgery land. Seems I recall his/her last statement was, get this, PROOF TO FOLLOW! Heheheh, I love that girl/boy. Her/his daddy was a Marine. Oh I see BBandT is STIL not for sale or MOE, and, STIL not sold, thats for whats his name, and JA is STIL at the helm, thats for the other whats his name. Now boys and girls, I did try for about the 5th time to get these kids to really understand ignore, and thought I had succeeded. But to my surprise, upon arrival back to downtown Wilson, I find they all just can't get away from me. All they do is talk about ole STIL. I guess another lesson is in orger. To refuse to pay attention to, in other words, to disreard, is what ignore means. I got a sneaky feeling, they sneak over and take a looksee at what ole STIL is saying and then hit the ole ignore button again, and pretend they aren't peeking, hoping no one saw that. But ole STIL can see you with the third eye of the mind. But I didn't tell them I was going away courtesy of the last divvys and the last short term sale, so they must have wondered, what will I talk about if ole STIL is gone. I do respect ole nobankers attempt at hall monitor, seems we have a couple juveniles, but even he had to mention ole STIL after ignore. OK kiddies, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, but I'm gonna be quiet for a spell just to take in all the intellectual elites brilliance. Ya'll don't hold back now I come to learn. Btw, butt, or is that bart, where are my glasses, have you ever listened to dead can dance?

    • I think he has put this board on "ignore" which is a wonderful thing.....probably because the stock is sliding to a 52 week low. He's now over on the Level 3 Communications board making "friends" there when he's not on the Free Republic website posting his astute observations on the nature of African American leadership in the US....quite the Renaissance man!

    • This is great! Stil is being hammered by facts and his illogical defensiveness of Mr. JA and crew. I brought this up on other posts where Stil tried to use his ego on me and had to put him in his place. It is good to see the old goat is Stil SERVED!!!!!!

    • Yoda,

      You and wmrmc2000 make some excellent points as do several others on here. There's no problem being a believer in BB&T as an investment (for the dividends only since there is zero appreciation of value) but it really defies logic to say one (ok STIL and Sybil had friends) is not employed by BB&T and then insult and belittle anyone who has a contrary opinion although, as STIL proudly claims, he only states facts, never opinion (again making suspect SEC reasons for that). If he's a pumper, it certainly hasn't helped the value of the stock any.

    • Panties in wad has ole Stil,
      knows a fraud he is.
      Known as Stil on board, another name on IG01,
      offical title of head ass sniffer he has become!
      The truth is out there, not hard to see,
      only a true company man would be upset at a sale.
      If investor all Stil claims to be is true,
      then sale of company he should hope to seek for big $$$.
      However, only company men get worried at this topic,
      out of work, place he would find!
      Predictions, oh predictions he chants,
      BBT still entertaining MOE, even said by the man Stil ass pirates...JA!
      New "friend" Stil has found in jayjay,
      Man crush on JA young jayjay does have.
      JA and jayjay, odd how they rhyme,
      Yoda senses connections to darkside, JAs behind needs to beware around jayjay.....ROFLMGAO!
      BTW, RF rumors came at the time Yoda predicts,
      Coincidence? Yoda knows.....and Stil blows!!!!!!

    • SHEMP, you keep forgetting about CURLY and LARRY. The force was strong with them too!

    • Finally, Yodee says proof to come STIL is employed by BBandT. You will go to your grave first cause Im not never have been never will be, BBandT works for me. Prove it, show your balls.

    • Yodees butt boy ernies reply to Yodees predicts, oh and he disappeared also when it didnt come to pass, alas

      Oh oh oh, can I play? Consolidating some regions has been an open secret around BB&T for a while especially for the last year. My first guess would be the consolidation of the Gulf Coast and East Florida regions considering how sub par the results have been. Not the result of lasck of local effort, it's just hard to sell products when you have to explain for 20 minutes who or what BB&T is.

      After that I would expect a Central NC consolidation, perhaps folding some more into the Triad region. You could do the same thing in DC especially when you have a county like Montgomery County Maryland split into two regions.

      I have to say, wise Yoda has been a teacher to us all and has not said anything (that I have seen) that turned out to be untrue (I know I know BB&T is STIL not for sale or MOE....whoops it is for that means it's STIL not for sale? As Yoda might say, backtrack you did!

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