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  • eatmoreasparagus eatmoreasparagus Jul 19, 2007 12:13 PM Flag

    Fire sale! Somebody buy this bank!

    Sure, it's a fixer-upper, a ramshackle wreckage of a bank, but somebody can do something better with it than let it keep falling apart. How about it, Capital One, HSBC, ING, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo? Get it now before it's gone!

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    • We all should be pleased, as this kind of price begins to force one's hand. If it cant hold here and get back over $40 in the next week, we probably then test then next stop of $38.05, and with that, management probably is in more serious conversations with advisors in NYC to facalitate a sale, merger or whatever. JA would have tried it his way, and now the advisors will do their job, make millions and get the price we are all hoping from a potential suitor. So this may be the best exit stratedgy for all of us, and quickest too.

    • Where is Mrs. Stil you ask?
      Mrs. Stil is nearby JA where she has been for sometime,
      only Stil provides the benefits to JA under the table!
      Stil an insider to company he is,
      very close connection to JA he has.
      While wife makes the bacon,
      Stil plays with his bacon while using binoculars to watch neighbor ladies!
      Stil is an insider, just as BB&T is STIL in the market for MOE (so says his love interest JA),
      truth to follow, wait and see....hehehehehehe

    • Looks like there might be a bit of a bounce off the floor if $39.11 but Monday will tell the tale.

      How patient will people be if the stock is in the $38 range next week? I think it's going to take an RBS or HSBC type deal to save us....except STIL of course because he purchased his stock from Mr. Branch directly back in 1890 so his basis is about 12 cents!!

      So where's Mrs. Stil when ol' Stil is out providing his services to the neighbor ladies????

    • My goodness, this is the best thread I have ever seen on here. To heck with the stock advice, I am so glad Stil is catching all this flack I don't know what to do. Please, if he sends Kay pics of his shriveled little cranberries let us know!!!! I wonder if Mrs. JA knows he is on here cruising the site for new "neighbor ladies".

    • "Yoda 2" check your email :)

    • Yoda is a man he is,
      very wise in the ways of the force.
      Knows Stil as Insider for BBT,
      why is Stil so testy at the suggestion?
      Guilt? Yes. Penis Envy? Of course!
      JA cut him off, so testy he has become,\
      Stil in denial, Insider he has become!

    • I will... :) You sound like fun. You are a guy, right?

    • Hey we are up off the lows of the day. There seems to be much support in the low $39 area, then at $38.05, so we are doing fine as we are just range bound.

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      • Support in the thirties?
        Anyone that's owned this stock for a while is laughing their ass off right now, you're a real comedian.
        BB&T is like the prodigal son returning home to live with mom and pops after flaming out in the real world--they're counting for support in the 30's! :)
        Range bound? Unless you're talking about the kind of range in Brokeback Mountain, again, people are laughing.
        This stock has been stuck in a trading range of around five dollars for ten plus years. To use the Brokeback Mountain phrase--"I can't get over $40--if it goes up, poke me!"
        Speaking of Brokeback, loan fraud at BBT? Shocking? Or just another sidekick to cutbacks in the quality of BBT lenders? Average age per lender? What, 25?
        And Stil, thanks for the email (however you got my address) So you want to see me naked? Doubtful...unless you get some new glasses :)

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