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  • blues555 blues555 Sep 9, 2007 1:36 PM Flag

    Commercial Lender turnover

    I am told from a very good source that turnover at BB&T for commercial lenders is over 25%, well over. Any thoughts out there as to why? Salaries? Incentives? Poor Leadership? Thoughts from those in the know welcome.

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    • Bank of America Hikes ATM Fees
      By Kathy Chu,USA Today
      Posted: 2007-09-13 11:12:57
      In a move that's expected to prompt higher fees industrywide, Bank of America has raised, to $3, the amount it charges non-customers to withdraw cash from most of its ATMs.
      What do you think of the $3 fee?
      It's outrageous 94%
      It's fair 6%

      Total Votes: 124,272

      The fee, up from $2 per withdrawal, was quietly rolled out across the country in July and August. It's the highest such fee ever imposed nationwide by a major bank. Because Bank of America has the largest ATM network in the USA, the higher fees could hit millions of consumers.

      The development will likely lead other banks to raise their ATM fees, too. "Banks often move like a school of fish on punitive charges such as ATM surcharges and credit card late fees, so it's just a matter of time before others follow suit," says Greg McBride, a senior analyst at

      Citi , Chase, Wachovia and Wells Fargo say they have no immediate plans to raise ATM fees but add that in setting their own pricing, they review what their competitors are doing.

    • MOST NOTEWORTHY: The U.S. bank sector, oil refiners and SGX Pharmaceuticals were today's noteworthy initiations:

      Credit Suisse initiated coverage on U.S. banks, starting shares of BB&T Corporation (NYSE: BBT), Colonial BancGroup Inc (NYSE: CNB) and Zions Bancorporation (NASDAQ: ZION) with Outperform ratings.
      Banc of America assumed coverage of the oil refiners but remains neutral on the group given near-term risks to gasoline inventories and margins. They assumed Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE: VLO) with a Neutral rating and $60 target and Western Refining Inc (NYSE: WNR) with a Sell rating and $35 target.

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    • An oldie but a goodie, from a 2004 news item.....pretty spot on:

      "To Email BB&T or Not to Email BB&T"
      Imagine you've decided you don't want to get any speeding tickets. Which of the following strategies should you employ?

      1. Be sure to drive no faster than the posted speed limit.
      2. Lock your car in the garage and never drive again.

      Well, if you chose answer No. 2, it appears you have a future at the financial services firm BB&T. See, according to a source inside the North Carolina-based operator of banks and brokerages, some top executives at the firm -- for example, the president and chief investment officer of BB&T Asset Management -- aren't permitted to send any email. Receive email, yes, but send it, no.

      We don't know what BB&T's reasoning might be here, but we suspect the alleged restrictions have something to do with a desire to ensure that top-level executives never end up sending emails that might result in embarrassment for the firm and/or litigation -- say, something on par with ex-Credit Suisse First Boston banker Frank Quattrone's now-infamous "clean up those files" email.

      A BB&T spokeswoman said the only executive who would be able to comment on the reported restrictions was on vacation.

      "It makes you wonder why they would implement such a policy," writes our source, who requested anonymity in the hopes of not getting fired. "Is it because they figure they have something to hide? Or do they have a lack of confidence in the brains of their executives that they must try to save them from incriminating themselves?"

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