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  • kettensage52 kettensage52 Nov 7, 2007 11:21 AM Flag


    Over past three months BAC and WB with more subprime exposure have out performed BB&T. PNC is not even down from 3 months ago. Great management expertise here at BB&T. Please Board do the right thing and sell or can JA and get rid of his culture so some shareholder value can be created. And yes STIL I am talking value not trading which we all know JA and his culture create no value only a range in which to trade the stock.

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    • Correcting children is not argument

    • No M-14s? you are really dating yourself. I still have an M-1 I shoot...much rather use an M-14 though. You must be older than I thought. I've never shot a BAR, but an M249 SAW, yes I have shot that, not a bad weapon, but its open bolt so you have to be careful. Ever worn a smokey bear? Maybe I have..know what that is? To think, you've been arguing all this time with one of your own. HeHeHe.

    • Actually I heard him say it! If you dispute it, prove it. Btw, PT Barnum never said it but a sucker is born every minute. Hint. Words have meaning describing you easily. Btw, the word is an not and. Thinking is not necessary in response to you. M-1, BAR, M-60, 106 recoilless. M-14 and 16 weren't around in my day. The F4B Phantom mades it's debut at Cherry Point. Recons trained with Seals, and I know where I was when Kennedy was shot, and I know where you weren't. I have no need to call you a stupid geezer, you just did

    • So that website is a source? Someone should put together a website quoting you as saying "I'm a stupid geezer," Then we could all source that as gospel...BTW, did you carry and M-1 or an M-14? (I carried and M-16 into combat). And who said I'm a liberal, never catch me voting for Dukakis, Mondale, or Hillary. Now I've got you thinking...oh I forgot, happy birthday! (Nov 10th that is)

    • heres another for your enjoyment

      "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan


      nothing about you surprises me

      something you never used

      I know what your background is

    • Oh how wrong you are! That saying is "attributed" to RR, it has never been verified. And who said I don't know how that feels? You, well you'd be surprised to know what my background is. 782-gear, what is that anyway?

    • As the great Renaldous Magnus, the most admired President by acclimation, landslide second term, Ronald Wilson Reagan once said, " most people go through life wondering if they've made a difference, Marines don't have that problem". That feeling and understanding is one thing you will never have in life, as is the feeling and understanding of men and women, and their parents and children, who STIL are willing to volunteer to protect those like you, the whiners and moaners of todays world. BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE, with JA at the helm. My dues are paid, while you have years to whine and moan. Eat your heart out girly boy.

    • Yes, because you can't read.....hahahahaha. Medicare and Social Security in your future....(or your present). Quick, I hear David Duke calling your name, STIL, better use all your vast intellect to get him elected to the White House. Shaazaam, Sgt Carter, Well gawlie!!!

    • I have people who read those things for me

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