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  • cingisbleeving cingisbleeving Nov 9, 2007 9:27 AM Flag

    Things you can believe and things you cannot believe

    Can bbt be that much smarter than every other bank taking hits in their portfolios? Well, probably not, because the performance compared to others is so weak. So, why aren't the losses showing up? Would you want it to when you have a "For Sale" up that basically would say, "For Sale-Toxic Dump" ? TRUTH

    "insider" posting. the one poster using multiple ids posting and then answering their own questions, sometimes screwing up in the process, is not technically an insider, just a POOR loser. they are simply an out-of-work, VERY poor, unskilled, mobile-home dwelling, fat, and less-than-intelligent dumbass who thinks they are smarter than everyone else. It does sound like management, except the "out of work" part. here's a clue. have you seen the movie, "Breach" ? He thinks he is the Chris Cooper character--poor diluted soul. fooling everyone, but only fooling himself. again, he does sound like an insider ha ha. but he is right about technically not being an insider. but, it would STILL be embarassing, wouldn't it, requiring some sympathy and even flowers to make your connection feel better. TRUTH

    Now, the real truth. I am Still, Spoor. I have haunted these boards for years. I am in need of help. I am in love with JA, emotionally, not physically. I was in love with Ayn Rand, but I think she is dead or at least too old to satisfy me, if you know what I mean. LIE, but only partially :)

    BBT is not FOR SALE or MOE! LIE

    The Canadians are coming! TRUTH

    I can hear the Stagecoach! LIE

    Bbt was forced to go outside of their supposedly very deep management to fill a key role in Washington, because in REALITY, they have no depth. TRUTH

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