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  • kettensage52 kettensage52 Nov 16, 2007 4:33 PM Flag

    Still not sold, moe, & JA at helm

    I hope someone could answer a question. If one is as wealthy as Spoor5t indicates, why would they spend so much time on a message board and pump a stock that has not generated shareholder value over the past five years? Disabled and cannot leave the house, to dumb to attempt anything else or what.

    I am retired and my dividends from BB&T are only approximately $100K per year so I am not wealthy but gees, I can find something to occupy my time. Only wish I had invested my retirement in a CD over the past 9 years so I could have a better retirement instead of holding this dog. If the stock keeps falling I hope I do not turn into a message board watcher like Spoor.

    I guess I want see Spoor5t's response because I cannot stand useless information any longer. I have blocked him as of NOW.

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    • Ketty, first learn to write. Second because I can, third, you are minor league, I make more than that on one stock on dips and highs. Fourth, listen to numbie, you cant see me if you block, but I highly recommend it.

    • OMFG!! Don't block him!!!! Life without STIL is like swearing off bad Mexican food, it smells bad and is bad for you, but you just have to have it. Plus, I don't get a chance to watch much on Comedy Central...he keeps me going. If you block you won't hear his lame response which will be another rendition of how bad other banks have been in the past quarter (even though BB&T has gone down worse than an old Marine at a San Fransisco pride parade) but will conveniently foregt to mention other banks' Execs have been fired but ole JA is still steering the ship of state to a straight decade of underperforming the 10 year treasury) or include something about MOE or something. Funny thing, all the talk about JA at the helm is EXACTLY right...he is still at the helm and the company is not sold or MOE and that's why it sucks. Keep up the good work STOOL, every time you say it you are just making my argument for me...."See my thumb, gee you're dumb!!!!" Hey, I think I hear your nurse calling....reruns of I Love Lucy are on, don't miss it!

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