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  • nobankersplease nobankersplease Nov 21, 2007 4:36 PM Flag

    Day-End Collapse - Bad Omen

    Bad omen, no price support above $33 with heavy volume going into the Holiday. THAT IS NOT GOOD. Next week could be miserable. When to buy? STOOL, you trade this stock, when to buy? What about buyers who legged in at $35 thinking they had a good deal, should they sell, will it get worse, better, when?....Oh, I forgot you never forecast or give advice, that way you are never accountable...pretty just say how much $$$ you make. Let's see your old marine lard a** come up with a forecast instead of the same 'ol not sold or MOE crap. Her is my forecast....further weakness as low as $31, stablizing in Q1 next year around $34. After that, same old up and down for the next 12-18 months, maybe brushes with $39-$40 by year end 2008, unless JA & co are relieved or there is change of control, then huge premium.

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    • No predictions here but the financials are in serious trouble for the next 14 months UNLESS the Fed bails out the mortgage industry with lower rates. Gotta take care of the land speculators out there that make $80K and NEEDED the $500K House w/payment to match. I'd say, "let them crash".

    • I'll copy that and keep it to remind you of how off you are, nbp. And remember, BB&T is STILL not for SALE or MOE. Gotcha

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      • Ah yes STOOL, given a chance to shine you cower in the corner like the spineless chickens^^^ marine that you are. No forecast, no buy/sell signal, no guidance, nothing new for the STOOL, just more of the same comedy show. You have shown your true stripes STOOL, nothing more to be a little yellow on wonder you have an ache in your drawers for JA et al, you're just like them...stupid and cowardly. Gotcha...shazaam

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