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  • VaTechie VaTechie Dec 18, 2007 10:34 AM Flag

    What is there not to like

    Forward PE under 10
    Dividend over 5.5 %
    Peg only 1.19
    Limited prime mtge debt exposure
    Well off 52 wk highs (near 52 wk lows)
    Book only 1.44

    Looks like a good long term keeper just for the dividend, but it should fluctuate enough to give you a 20% or more return over the next year if you choose to sell. Of course, if you bought at higher prices I expect you to bash me and the company.

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    • Poor numbie, tries to ignore but all he does is talk about ole Spoor5t, like wormie. Just great examples of the spot on analysis they continue to offer the board. Btw numbie, I ran into two fresh boot leave Marines today, one is helping guard the gold at Fort Know, I know, it's Army, but we also know who is guarding heavens scene, and the other was going to Lejeune. When I told them early 60s, they said, man you can't be that old. Haven't heard so many sirs in decades

    • You haven't put that moron on IGNORE yet? I think he is so stupid he just reposts the same stupid crap he posted a month prior. Just a nitwit, nothing to worry about.

    • Hey Spoor5t,

      Please tell the board again how great a job JA and company is doing.

      This is from an earlier post:

      "If you had bought BAC and BBT's stock on 12/31/1998 this is the results you would have had including dividends.

      BAC $13.875 in dividends plus $10.64 in stock appreciation for a total return of $24.515 or an 81% return on your investment.

      BBT $11.07 in idividends and a lost of $7.77 a share for a total return of $3.30 or a return of 8.1% since 1998."

      Around 12:00 today the results have changed to the following:
      BAC $13.875 in dividends plus $11.21 in stock appreciation for a total return of $25.085 or an 83.4% return on your investment.

      BBT $11.07 in dividends and a lost of $9.83 a share for a total return of $1.24 or a return of 3.1% since 1998.

      One of these stocks appear to be going in the wrong direction to be a good investment.

      Just ignore the facts and post bad information about other banks even if their stock is a superior investment and is out performing BBT's.

      Merry Christmas to one and all on the board.


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      Ok thats gotta be 5 mins, don't worry I'll count for you

    • As I said, there is a difference between being funny and stupid. You expressing an opinion on anything other than the taste of someone's privates is stupid. You remarking about how many times and how often someone else posts is funny. Keep the funny stuff coming.

    • who is next jimmie

      Bonuses on Wall Street Surge 14 Percent
      By JOE BEL BRUNO,Associated Press
      Posted: 2007-12-21 01:56:38
      NEW YORK (AP) - This might have been one of Wall Street's most dismal years in a decade, but that hasn't stopped bonus checks from rising an average of 14 percent.

    • jim56442, you nailed it. BBT has been a bad investment. I wish they had never struck a deal with UCB, which I owned before the merger.

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      Wormie way to cut back on your post times today the company profited

    • Stillstupid, you must realize that no one reads your diatribes that are more than 20 words that your cutting from somewhere else.

      Stick with being stupid like your earlier posts.

    • NEW YORK, Dec 20 (Reuters) - The following is a list of banks' write-downs of subprime mortgage loans, leveraged loan commitments, and other assets since September.

      To date, major banks have announced more than $50 billion of write-downs and losses. Date Bank Write-down Type of loss Period covered Dec. 20 Bear Stearns (BSC.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $1.9 bln subprime mortgages Q4 Dec. 19 Morgan Stanley (MS.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $9.4 bln mortgages and assets Q4 Dec. 13 Lehman Brothers (LEH.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $830 mln real estate, asset-backed securities Q4 Dec. 12 Bank of America (BAC.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $3.3 bln collateralized debt obligations Q4 Dec. 12 Wachovia (WB.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $1 bln subprime mortgages Q4 Dec. 10 UBS AG (UBSN.VX: Quote, Profile , Research) $10 bln subprime mortgages Q4 Dec. 6 Royal Bank Scotland (RBS.L: Quote, Profile , Research) $2.5 bln investment banking 2007* Nov. 15 Barclays (BARC.L: Quote, Profile , Research) $2.6 bln subprime mortgages 2007 Nov. 13 Scotiabank (BNS.TO: Quote, Profile , Research) C$135 mln asset-backed commercial paper Q4

      ($141 mln) structured credit Nov. 13 Royal Bank of Canada (RY.TO: Quote, Profile , Research) C$160 mln subprime mortgages Q4

      ($168 mln) Nov. 6 Capital One (COF.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $4.9-5.5 bln credit losses 2008 Nov. 4 Citigroup (C.N: Quote, Profile , Research) $8-11 bln subprime mortgages Oct 2007

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