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  • flatwood_farms flatwood_farms Jan 14, 2008 11:38 AM Flag

    BBT employees........ the sad part

    There's many , many BBT employees , just working stiffs and tellers who have spent 25 ,30 years or more , always allowing their retirement monies to flow into the company stock. With the company contribution and reinvesting of dividends they have done O.K.. NOW in a 90 day window of time, they have watched their retirement savings drop by about 40 % and can't sleep becaused they believed in THEIR company. Hopefully , for their sake , this thing will turn around .

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    • As I have said many times, the big boys always take care of them selves. Envious? Yes. I just wish I was one of the big boys.

    • Oh yeah...Let's feel sorry for JA....My best guess is that you're saying JA speaks out of both sides of his mouth. By the way, what did JA and all the other decisions makers pay for their stock vs. the employees.

      What about all the acquisitions, stock brokerages, insurance agencies and other banks that were acquired with BBT stock.

      Bad plan, no execution. You can discount everything that's gone on in the last 5 months and the performance is still pathetic.

      WFC revenue exceeds expectations. Earnings equal expectations. JA's next. Can't wait. Have the latest conference call to put side by side.

      Now, Stillstupidstillpoor, say something dumb.

    • My observation...

      When I was an employee of BBT (I am 9+ months removed) I clearly recall a JA visit to the region, where he said in his speech that he encourages employees to diversify their holdings (be they for retirement or othewise). However, he stated that all of his holdings are in BBT stock, for better or worse.

      I thought at the time that this was proper for the CEO to hitch his wagon entirely to the company he ran. So, without getting into he pros and cons of executive comp, it seems that JA is feeling the squeeze as much as any other employee.

    • Perhaps you should ask a BB&T employee who makes $35k a year for the last ten years how they feel about their employer's stock providing a ten year return that's negative. Oh I forgot, that's their fault for believing in the leadership of the company, so good as you say it is, or is it not? You can't have it both ways, MacArthur. Maybe you should do that and then I'll look at a dividend that only serves shareholders who held the stock since 1990 or earlier. According to the rules of financial physics, that means JA has basically stuck his middle finger out to everyone who has bought the stock since then. The ref to MacArthur was, that like you, he was blind to reality, believed too strongly in his own abilities, was free and easy with the truth, and when cornered with hard facts, he crumbled. Sound familiar old man. You keep up the rant, we all get a good laugh out of it.

    • The working stiffs at BBT are better off than the working stiffs at other places that used their hard earned dollars to buy BBT for their retirement and they saw their retirement dollar drop by 40% also. BBT employees at least had the company contributions added to their accounts so were not quite as hurt as non employees. We can't sleep either. We were all believers.

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      • Billie ole boy, you just hang in there. Tell ya what, you come back in here a few months from now, remember what I've said, and we'll talk about who is STIL leading BBandT, and what the stock is sitting at that day. Think oil, think rate cut, and think how clean BBandT is compared to all those biggies getting their butts wiped today. Think about positioning for the future. Think about making $$$ by buying low selling high. Think about who displays happiness in here and who displays whine. Decide who played the game right and who got the shaft one way or the other. Nothing wrong with long term holds and short term sale. Not one of these losers had a hand in decision making in your life, and you had none in theirs. If I need all these fancy #s thrown out in here, I can get them on TV, and get 4 different opinions. The difference is those guys get paid big $$$$ to be wrong. Folks in here get what? A rich retired happy Marine like me driving them nuts, some to the point they think new nicks and cheap suits hide them. Their own words betray them.

      • A couple of thoughts...

        1. Hopefully everyone learned a lesson from Enron. Diversification is the key to financial success.

        2. If you can't handle a 20% drop in value from your diversified portfolio, perhaps you shouldn't be in the market. we've lost 20% before and we will lose 20% again. (if not more)

        3. The market will come back, how quickly, no one knows for sure. Just keep plugging $$$ in when possible.

        4. Investing is a long term game, the patient are rewarded in the end.

        5. Any 25 year employee of BBT is more than likely sitting pretty right now, even with the recent weakness, if they regularly contributed to the plan.

        Not a sermon... just some thoughts.

    • Awwwwwww, queefy, now you're gonna cry too! Btw, MacArthur was Army. My hero is Chesty. Little before your time child. I have C-rats older than you, but not as old as BBandTs divvy which is what about 106 or so. Look it up for me will ya?

    • Apparently there are many, like you, wormie, numbie. The problem with todays experts are that they panic real fast, and can't hang. They aren't happy unless whining about something. I have never bought a stock I wasn't happy with. Now, grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebble from my hand and walk the rice paper........

    • What a jackass this guy is. More clutter on the Board. The fact that he is so rich would netgate the possiblity he knows any rank and file BB&T workers, so that must be a lie, or he does know a lot of senior Execs (not likely) so he is guilty by association, because those turds don't pay for their stock, they get it for free. BTW STIL, that is called an infinite rate of return when you get a return for something you don't pay for...must be nice to be JA and crew. Such a reward for a negative ten year total return for everybody else. Boo hoo. Now get back to your Marine fantasies, General MacArthur.

    • Thank you for making my point! I am sure there is no one on this board more expert at BB&T than you. Alas, are there any other stocks (outside of banking) you have this much passion for?

    • It just goes to show ya, again, what is left out tells a different story. Every company who sells stock encourages employees to buy. There is, however, no requirement to do so. I have no doubt in my very secure, rich, retired Marine Corp mind that I know more BBandT, which is STIL not sold or MOE, led by JA, employees than you ever will, and each will tell you same. The only point the original poster made was that employees in a downturn feel the pinch. That applies to all, like C and BAC and STI and FITB. Add to that companies like Lowes, Home Depot, automakers and on and on. You go on whining and working child, and I'll go on enjoying my life.

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