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  • swade56 swade56 Feb 29, 2008 4:17 PM Flag

    Help! I inadvertently fell in ....

    New to this stock ... been watching from the shore for a little while. Briefly dipped a hook in this pond for 15 minutes at the close ... just for fun, got a 1000share hit @ 31.10.

    What kind of fish am I dealing with here? Do I slowly play him and wear him down and land him soon? Do I stay with him until spawning season? (any thoughts about when that might be?) Or is this bank a slippery slope where it pulls me to the depths and I become dinner for the crawdads?

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    • If you are a long term investor like stil , who has owned this stock for a 110 years, you will make the divie but look at the bright side if you live as long as stil you will have the pick of all the blue hair ladies at the trailer park retirement community.

      Be prepared to average down often over the next 6 months.

      Good luck

    • In my opinion hold for long term and enjoy the dividends.


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      • Thanks for the input RW.

        Hmmm .... from what I've been reading, this breed spawns on a steady basis and has for many consecutive seasons ... with even a slightly growing amount of eggs every few cycles.

        But the way this pole is bowing .... sure seems like I may have a good sized meal on here. It's sure gonna be tough to not try and real him in soon ... geeez ... I can smell a nice fillet, dredged in corn meal sizzling in the skillet as I type.

        Damn .... better pay attention here ... heard there's alot of this breed slipping the hook and taking lots of bait in the process.

        Crack ...(sound of the pop-top of a sweaty can of beer) ... Ahhhh ... what a life ...

        P.S. Am I supposed to be wearing a cheap suit or somthin while I'm playin hooky?

    • Since so many on this Board like to compare, in light of all the terrible write downs, bad decisions, and horrible, wasteful managment at BofA, I will compare:

      3 mo stock price: BAC -12.6%, BB&T -13.36%
      12 mo srock price: BAC -20.54%, BB&T -25.15%
      3 yr stock price: BAC -14.2%, BB&T -20.9%
      5 yr stock price: BAC +15.9%, BB&T -4.3%

      I am truly glad to be a part of such an honest, moral, conservatively managed company that looks out for my capital, much more so than those evil, "big boys" at BofA, who had all those nasty problems and are no doubt filled with New Yorkers (and Democrats). Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! Way to go JA and company, really earning that 6mm paycheck, I think maybe they should increase their fees on Jethro's checking account to $100 per month and we can get this stock a 'screamin'!!!

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