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  • nobankersplease nobankersplease Mar 18, 2008 2:04 PM Flag

    BB&T Rips People Off!!

    who cares already. Just put your money in a credit union. In the long run banks end up charging you for their use of YOUR money. They pay squat in interest and ding you on fees, they all do it...BB&T just as bad as the rest, if not worse. Instead, they should be thanking and paying YOU for the use of your money, not the other way around. Its a racket....and it will never change unless you make a personal choice to move your money. A checking/savings account is a demand deposit that is recorded as a liability on their b/s, yet they make money off that liability....must be nice. think if the opposite were true, you took out a loan and the bank paid you a fee and you paid little to no interest for using its money.

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    • Finally numbie has a good idea. Take charge of your life and quit blaming others for your lack of control. I guess he could take his $$ out and bury it in the can eh. The grocery could pay you for shopping with them, the gas station could give you an extra 5 gallons each time you buy. Wow numbie, your employer could pay you extra for agreeing to work for them. This blame the bank post or one just like it comes out about once a year in here. Most likely the same poster. One could just change the bank name and put it on every board. Btw, even remotely thinking Ken Chalk would be fired gave my neighbor ladies the biggest ROTFLMAO in years. Made my toe swell, so I went to Bills for Q. Kens service to this Company has been tops for well over 30 years. Where the heck is normie, wormie, billie, queefy, and ole smartie, doogie? I miss all their predictions of doom

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