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  • ayscuew ayscuew May 28, 2008 10:05 AM Flag


    Could see a 20 million share trading day. Never seen anything like this in the history of BB&T. It isn't the Investors who are leading this disaster. Afraid we're going much lower.

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    • MOOOOHAAAAHAAAAAA. If only you knew. Oooh, I am sorry should I make "OLE NO. 9" _ "I OWN SHARES THAT ARE 43 years old". I'm sorry I missed it by three years. mybad. MOOHAHAHAHA. Spoor you are just the devil!!! 43 years!!!!!

    • Some smarty blasts from the past, great insightful analysis, appears he doesnt have any smarty left, and displays great typical nonsense, right up there with numbie, shocking he wouldn't know when to buy or sell, and thinks others owe him. But, it's fun playing with children who think they know it all, cause one day they all run into someone who actually does. No matter what happens to the great BBandT, I will make $$$$

      "So when is it "low" and when is it high"? Should we be buying now, selling now, or what? Don't just drop typical nonsense, put you money where you mouth is"

      "forgive him billie...he knows not what he says....he is the Board's resident moron. BB&T had a good day today, moron, should we buy? Must hear your wisdom"

      "witty reply attempted by dwilsondildo69, failure recorded."

      "self-portrait or envy? Try again.....better yet try a forecast. Money where mouth is..oh no!!!!! Buy? sell? or hold?, and why?"

      "Thank you, I am also proud of myself for not investing in a stock with little to no capital appreciation for a decade. I am glad you agree. You need to remember which screen name you are using, you are forgetting when to use wilson, sppor, stil, etc. "

    • Smartie, you cant even get these right, I am a Marine, I have 43 years of shares, I bought several times, and sold several times, eat your heart out child, my dues are paid, and $$$ made. You have to face several years of liberals taking your money. Did NCState tell you why you were rejected

    • "ole No. 1" - I buy low and sell high
      "ole no. 2" - I don't make forecasts, just money.
      "ole no. 3" - BB&T is lead by the great JA and his clean moral leadership
      "ole no. 4" - I have held my stock for 40 years
      "ole no. 5" - When I was Marine.....
      "ole no. 6" - The biggies made all those mistakes, not BB&T led by the great JA.
      'ole no. 7 - I just bought on that last dip.
      "ole no. 8" I just sold on the last spike

      More ole's coming...spoor too late to the party to convince the newbies. Paid pumper.

    • Ole smarty is STIL trying to win one, has no clue what to do, however you go first. Your problem is you whine all the time and call that brilliance. Shall I start quoting all your posts? My only claim is buying low and selling high, yours is that you are smart. What a hoot

    • Sure you did. HAHAHAHAHAHA. We are now calling this another Spoor "'ole No. 7" as in this one of about seven stock emails you transmit across this Board that has no value. Provide some decent communication. Many of the posts have been pretty good of late, except of course for your posts. raise the bar for yourself and join the pros.

    • Wow, look how smart fweeqie is, he got in at 30, and dumb ole spoor got in at 26 27 28 29 and 30. I gotta tell JA about him

    • I concur with your comments. This is my second largest holding and I consider this a 2008-2009 trading opportunity. Nothing more. I thought it a very attractive entry point at $30 and still do, so I can take the dividend and if I can get to the high 30s by year end i am out. I especially agree with your last paragraph. I bought this stock in spite of the company and its management (mediocre in my estimation). I just thought it was oversold.

    • $300k is a lot of money to put into a single stock IMO no matter how sure you feel about its future. Unless of course you are as rich as Midas then maybe it is a small % of your assets.

      In my world I like to spead my risk around a little more than that. As you point out this stock may face some future bumps in the road. I will not hestitate to take at least part of my stake off the table if we get over $35.50 in the near future (seems around $36 is a resistance area) and wait for a pullback to buy back in.

      Even though I currently like the fundamentals of the company I am not in love with it (or its management). When we work through this rough patch in the economy if history is a guide small caps will be the place to be for the first 6-12 months of any recovery for big gains.

      Well good luck with your position.

    • ayscuew,

      Think about it. 20 million shares in a day for BBT? Very small chance that would ever happen. If it did, that kind of activity would drive this stock maybe 9-10.00 share in either direction. that would be one heck of a day.

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