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  • queefoo queefoo May 29, 2008 8:50 AM Flag


    At least he made an estimate, you are too much the pussy to do that.

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    • Still to be determined if it is a good/bad estimate. Since you seem big on full disclosure how about giving us your price estimates. C'mon now don't be a pussy. Hehehehe

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      • No prob. Bought 10k shares at $30+ in March. Almost unwound the position last week and should have taken profits earlier, but still am holding fast. I will buy again at that level or lower. We will not see $27 again unless Wall Street is right and we are about to come out the other side of the hurricane's eye and financials are once again going to get hammered. I don't think so. Market is bearish on regionals and all the conventional loans on BB&T's books will take longer than the sub-prime mess to come to a head. That's why there is caution - regardless of what Allison says (could be his loan officers are afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes). If loss reserves stay put, loans perform, origintation stays on track, and the dividend continues to be solid and rise incrementally, this stock will close out the year at $37-$39. I think it will. If there is any indication of weakness in those areas, I will sell, as the stock will be stuck in neutral for a long time, regardless of any dividend play. Right now its a question of whether the credit decisions made in '06/'07 will cause problems in '08/'09.

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