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  • marifry marifry Jun 26, 2008 1:01 PM Flag

    I'm wishing for another press release!

    Kind of like we got the other day that shot the price waaaaaaaaay back up. This is nothing but fear! I wish that management would say just a few calming words for us right now. Wouldn't that be sweet????

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    • Dummy-what can they say that U don't already no?

      If you R depending upon press releases and not the financials of BBT U shouldn't be in the stock

    • This board begins to become comical with all the predictions and "known" valuations of BB&T stock. First, management isn't going to say anything period, because they don't want to be accused by the SEC for "pumping" the stock. Management will announce earnings or losses and provide 10-K's and 10-Q's as required, but that is all they will ever say. As to the true value of the stock, I'm amazed of the daily predictions of the stock price at the end of each week. This stock has maintained a thin trading range for over the last ten years. All of the acquisitions have diluted the stock and for all intensive purposes it is a bond, rather than a stock. While like all financials, it is currently valued below its intrinaic value, stating the the valuation should be $40/share is fantasy at this point in time. While many on the board worry about the raising of dividends, management should be focusing on significantly increasing earnings per share, thus creating value for shareholders. Dividends are nice, but capital apprecation is better.

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      • Are you new to this Board? You are exactly correct on all counts. I have been saying the same thing for a long time. The apologists on this Board are all one trick ponies: the dividend. They all seem to interestingly have a basis less than $10 per share. They cannot stand the fact that capital appreciation has gone nowhere in 10 years and there is no strategic reason to think share price appreciation will get anywhere close to where it logically should be, given the argument that the company and its mgmt is so strong. As to the dividend, the rate of growth continues to slow. In the early 90s, the dividend doubled every four years. over the past sixteen years, dividend growth (after inflation), is about 10%, but in the past four years the dividend has only grown about 4% (after inflation). So, with an ever slowing rate of increase in the dividend and a 10 year flat share price, what does the future hold? You are correct, this is a bond. EXACTLY what I have said. Thanks. Investors for the past 10 years have received nothing of value. Somebodyplease address these realities and tell me why this is a good investment, rather than a trade, and why one should NOT consider this a bond.

      • " While many on the board worry about the raising of dividends, management should be focusing on significantly increasing earnings per share, thus creating value for shareholders. Dividends are nice, but capital apprecation is better."

        Well Mr bill, lets pretend you are the management and it's your charge to significantly increas eps. Tell us how you would do so in this current environment. How will you lower the price of oil? How will you convince the public that BBandT had not one iota of involvement in the current housing crisis? How will you change the climate in which the above affects all other related business? How long will it take you to do the above? Monday morning QB are you?

    • Yes- the silence from bbt is deafening but maybe they can't say anything. seems they are buying time.

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      • BBT as a bond is interesting. I can live with the concept over the next 18 - 24 months if they can get the dividend up another penny per quarter and the market sets the "bond" yield at 4.25%.

        BTW, it seems to me that for BBT almost all posters can be correct. If the market and particularly financials continue to get hammered, shorts can make money on BBT now. If there is nothing wrong with BBT's financial position and we weather the next 18 months to 2 years without diluting shareholders through raising capital for bad loans (of any type), then longs who are buying now will also win.

    • fweeqie, it irritates the hell outa you doesn't it, I have it made and you slave at some job, I'm happy as can be and you whine. If you lost, sell, if you don't like BBandT, go away. I think I will sit by the pool for a spell, and think about my next buy. Get that phone, will ya

    • You sure?

      He works for himself means he got laid off and now he goes around with his pickup truck, mower, trimmer and edger trying to get work mowing lawns and landscaping. He has lots of time to post on the internet because he is having trouble finding enough work to stay busy.

      You got to feel sorry for him - at least he IS trying to make an honest $.

    • Ah, Spoor, "still" getting some from the neighborhood ladies. Sounds a little kinky. Did they bring you flowers?

    • I like to just see shorts get screwed. So I say hold off a couple of days to draw in more shorts and then preannounce earnings met expectations (or similiar news). It would be a sight to behold - all those shorts trying to get out at once. I might die laughing.

    • Ahhhhh fweeqie, you woulda loved it, the neighbor lady brought lunch over for the Mrs and I,by the pool under the brolly, 85 degrees, nice breeze, cold glass of wine, life is good. Get the phone will ya, tell them I'm not in

    • Right..."you have made it." Happiness is something I have always had, what you cannot stand is the repeated slaying you get on this Board...its like shooting fish in a barrel. And BTW, what does any of that have to do with BB&T? How's that stock you bought at $29 doing, anyway, hehehehehehe? good luck rookie. Some trader you are.....hang on to that 1963 stock you own. Its a keeper. hohohoeheeeee.

    • queefie, don't interrupt adults when they are talking. Go play with your little friends now. Be sure and take your meds first.

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