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  • ayscuew ayscuew Jul 3, 2008 5:41 PM Flag

    What next?

    Continued downtrend for bank stocks over next two weeks. With new Chairmen WB,C,MER and others will take multi billion dollar reserves for bad loans (a new broom sweeps clean). BB&T will also reserve as much as allowed by IRS. Believe we'll see the low for banks after second quarter reporting. BB&T back above $30 by month end.

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    • check your pockets, what money was there, is now in my pocket. haha

      you are wrong so often it has become an old habit for you. write another bad check, i wont cash it for a few days...beech talks a lot, and thats just it, talk.

    • Indeed boater, kind of funny how it works that way!! haha

    • First of all, the point isn't exactly where the numbers were derived from, I don't make them up, they come from periodicals and/or references that I read

      Comment: Yeah right, he doen't make them up. You see any references to sources other than the claim he read it somewhere? He is an old GOYA analyst. GOYA - Grab it Outta Youy Ass. The numbers I noted are easily verified and if asked I will find the source(s).

      You are not credible. Speed read this - Y O U A R E A N I D I O T.

    • wrong POINT. POINT is just because you think it might be that way, doesnt mean it will be that way. just an opinion, no better or worse than any other opinion.

    • Let me be more clear, I speed read that inland guys post and should have addressed his statement more carefully. Frankly the game he was playing pissed me off so I didn't give it the attention that I should have. Basically, I should have known that narrow minded dorks would take exception.

      First of all, the point isn't exactly where the numbers were derived from, I don't make them up, they come from periodicals and/or references that I read (see I do more than lurk on message boards). I think what you and inland warrior are missing is the POINT. The POINT is that so far very few banks have failed and since this malaise is equally as bad (or worse) then the last one, there's much more to come. The POINT is that you and every other wise ass idiot who prefers to spend their time attacking minutia and the messengers rather then try to actually get the MESSAGE are little more than small minded, petty little dorks. The POINT is that when you and a$$holes like inland warrior launch themselves into such nonsense you completely miss both the POINT and the MESSAGE.

      So let me make it clear to you. The POINT is that you and others seem completely unaware of how far there is still to go in this financial crises AND that based upon the last banking crises, the MESSAGE is that there's still a much larger percentage of banks that will either fail or be absorbed before this all ends.

      Ok, now I return you to your narrow minded little world of message board sniping or whatever else it is you and inland warrior do. Happy now?

    • read lots of your post for a bit now. sad to say but your breath stinks. just because you talk alot, certainly doesnt mean you know what you are talking about. what was it you said about fools predicting the future. you wear the shoe of the fool, and it fits you well I see.

      hold your words until you understand your words.

    • I Sure Hope Yo Are Right!!! Seems as if good banks are getting the Axe like they are going under!!

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      • 30 is a ways away, doubt we will see it by month end. Q2 is going to be a real test, JA has drawn a line in the sand with past comments and put the bank in a must deliver position. I for one, think he will.

        hard to see lows when they are forming, could go lower, sure. but those of you that buy in this range will see good returns over the next ten years. that seems to be the time range some of the bashers throw around. buy it, put it in the drawer and pull it out 10 years from now. going to be better than a bond!! haha

        good spirts to all,


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