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  • ddmankev ddmankev Jul 22, 2008 9:49 AM Flag

    getting slammed!!!

    what's going on!!!! i thought you guys said this was a solid bank. investors don't agree! are the assests valued correctly?? something is wrong

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    • T-T-T-T-TIMBER. No Virginia, John Allison is NOT Santa Claus. This stock always trades in a range, based on dividend. Last 12 months has just reset the price + volatility, but its still trading in a range. Assets are priced correctly, stock will go up when interest rates go down. Since that is not going to happen soon, don't expect appreciable gains back to the mid 40s, that's a long way off. Now if Mgmt bought a big company or sold this one, then that would be a different story, or if Mgmt all retired, then you'd see some movement.

    • >> what's going on!!!!
      STI upset people?

      >> i thought you guys said this was a solid
      >> bank.
      Nothing has chn aged at BBT in the past 24 hours.

      >> investors don't agree!
      You mean speculators of course.

      >> are the assests valued correctly??
      That is what margin of safety is for.

      >> something is wrong?
      Could you be more specific. In terms of BBT, no. They are a conservative lender with a maintainable dividend. They will be taking away market share from weaker competitors thusly increasing earnings. A year from now you are going to be scratching your head. Remember, you are a speculator. SOme of us are investors. We know where BBT is going to be in 3 years. Up 100%+ from current quote. Plus we get a fat yield.

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